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Amusing – Haunted Witches Extreme Wealth And Power Spell Ring

Here’s something very funny. I used to browse eBay looking for interesting things to buy. I spend tons of time looking at the weird stuff people auction. Collectables is a comedy goldmine. You find gags all over.

Over 22,000+Feedback 99.5% Rating 20+ YEARS Experience

~*~The Voodoo Magick Shop~*~ HOLLYWOOD FAMOUS & WORLDWIDE FAMOUS WE ARE THE LARGEST SPELL SELLERS IN THE WORLD! 20+ years of experience, a decade long ebay silver, gold and now PLATINUM powerseller, 22,000+ total positive ebay feedback with over 7,300+ repeat customers and counting ! Voted eBays #1 spell seller with over 5,500 unique spell items and excellent spell success rates ! THIS AUCTION IS FOR A HAUNTED WITCHES BLACK MAGICK "EXTREME WEALTH AND POWER" SPELL RING ! ~*~ Witches Extreme Wealth & Power Spell Ring~*~ (money in pic not included) These rings, dolls, and other spell items have POWERFUL energy !!! If this scares you do not purchase it ! People whom have used my spell items have felt them shake and vibrate, seen visions, felt massive cold-chills down their spines, have went from having back, neck, and leg pains to moving about and walking PAIN FREE, many reports of visions and black-outs while holding it. Others have reported small to large cash finds, earnings, or winnings, or great financial gains in other ways such as increased business or sales, property values or stocks, ect. Increased sexual desires, ex-loves returned, new-found relationships, power and strength, and more depending on the owner of the spell item. THESE RINGS ARE READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE ON ......., WELL IF YOU'VE MADE IT THIS FAR THEN YOU ALREADY KNOW WHOM THIS WILL BE FOR NOW DON'T YOU !! ***AUTHENTIC HIGH-PRIEST HAUNTED BLACK MAGICK WEALTH SPELL RING*** This ring will bring the user great wealth in all financial areas of life as well as power to keep the riches growing without financial misfortune! Its energy is focused and strong and it will never fade or fail you! This spell ring is charged with a strong magnetic energy that draws wealth and good fortune of all kinds bringing many new financial opportunities and makes sure you’re in the right place at the right time to take full advantage of them! ***AUTHENTIC HAUNTED WITCHES BLACK MAGICK WEALTH SPELL RING*** THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL RING with real paranormal & metaphysical qualities beyond the average persons comprehension, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE YOU BID AND BEST OF LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR FUTURE ! LASTLY PLEASE REMEMBER! I CAN NOT STRESS THE POINT ENOUGH ---> THIS RING IS EXTREMELY POWERFUL AND SHOULD ONLY BE OWNED BY SOMEONE THAT CAN CONTROL ITS MASSIVE SUPER-NATURAL POWERS !!!! With that said, I take no responsibility for anything experienced by the buyer ! $2.95 USA SHIPPING AND HANDLING ON THIS ITEM! Outside the USA s&h on spell jewelry is $4.95 first item and $1.00 each additional item ~*~The Voodoo Magick Shop~*~ Spell TESTIMONIALS I could tell you anything you wanted to hear (like most do that sell spell items) but will spare you as I EASILY HAVE PROOF with thousands of feedback from customers stating the powers of my spell items!! I have 21,000+ total positive ebay feedback, a DECADE LONG e-Bay SILVER, GOLD and now PLATINUM POWERSELLER, 25+ YEARS OF SALES EXPERIENCE! ACTUAL CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ABOUT SPELLS ONLY BELOW AND CAN BE CONFIRMED BY CLICKING ON THE DATE FEEDBACK WAS LEFT FOR ME! THESE TESTIMONIALS ARE ONLY FROM THE PAST FEW MONTHS NOT THE PAST DECADE WORTH OF SALES AND ONLY THE ONES DIRECTLY RELATED TO SPELL POWERS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE AS THERE ARE THOUSANDS LIKE THIS OVER THE YEARS! OVER 7,300 REPEAT SPELL CUSTOMERS AND COUNTING! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 2-26-09 (Eternal Power Spell) Hi Kimberly! Thank you for the answer to my inquiry, and that's a relief! And I must apologize for forgetting to comment on my initial sensations upon the first wearing of my Magnatizm ring and the Eternal Power ring. When I put on the Magnatizm ring, I immediately felt a surge of energy coursing through me, which seemed to surge more strongly in my lower torso and legs, and my right arm. It was electrifying and energizing, and also the extra burst of energy it gave almost made me hyper. Pretty cool effect I must say! :) The Eternal Power ring was a little different: the sheer mass of the ring was very comforting and sits well on my hand. People can't help but notice it and comment on it. It does have a positive effect on my emotions and feelings of "invincibility" to an extent, and that is good, because that is what I was hoping for! :D Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my question, and have a very prosperous day! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 2-26-09 (MEGA CASH MAN SPELL) Good news…I just happened to go online yesterday and noticed that the mortgage rates at our bank were lower and called and I am going to save substantially on the house mortgage…and cut 2 years off my payment without spending money to re-finance…so it is already working since my order!!! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-21-09 (DIRECT CASTING MEGA WEALTH SPELL) Felt some of the sensations, have won little in lottery since casting A+++++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-20-09 (Muscle Mass Spell)wow! amazing! i hit my peak! thank you so much! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-20-09 (Weight-Loss Spell)Really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-20-09 (Charging Spell)life is gr8t with dugout at fingertips;all smiles here-thanks guys! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-20-09 (Charging Spell)Attractive box.very powerful! Thank you for selling great items for reasonable $ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-20-09 (Persuasion Power Spell)Very powerful! Beautiful ring! the BEST magick shop on ebay!!! thank you!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-19-09 (Triple-Cast Money Spell)After only a few hours of ownership---I can feel something is working--Real Deal POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-19-09 (Rid Migraines/Headaches Spell) high energy from ring, odd that I can smell flowers everytime I have the ring on POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-19-09 (Multi Spells) This is my 10th item from Scott and every one has worked! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-19-09 (Muscle Mass Spell) Fast Shipping and seems to be working Highly Recommended A++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-19-09 (Return A Love Spell) Great item with great energy, it's actually working :) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-18-09 (Persuasion Power Spell) Super fast Shipping,Second item ordered from this seller, so you know it is okl POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-18-09 (Weight-Loss Spell) I am very happy with everything. POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 2-18-09 (Long-Term Wealth Spell) Scott, Thanks so much and I HAVE seen some results from the ring that I purchased(Long term wealth)Social Security realized they had made a mistake and owed me 1400. back (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-18-09 (Magnatizm Spell) I believe in your products I have had some good things happen from small to big. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-18-09 (Persuasion Power Spell) I'm a believer in your products. They do work and I thank you SO MUCH! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-18-09 (Muscle Growth Spell)Fast Shippment great communication...when i put the ring on i felt warmness POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-18-09 (Mending Spell)fast prompt delivery. very pleased. POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 2-18-09 (Spell)Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. The energy you give off is very powerful and perceptible even through the limited medium of this site. Well done Peace to you both(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-18-09 (Triple-Cast Money Spell)I love this. I'm finding money just walking around and looking a little better. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-17-09 (Triple-Cast Money Spell) one word...MIRACLE!!!, it really works. I'll be a dugout buyer for life. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-17-09 (Spell) I am blessed with many beautiful items. Scott had done some work for me prior in the love and passion dept with my partner XXXXX. Everything has worked great--Hey i am very happy with my items and i have been telling all my friends that are into magick about my great experience with your items. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-17-09 (Super-Charged Mr. Money Bags Spell) This one BEAUTIFUL doll! I am glad (and so will my bank account) I purchased it! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-17-09 (Penis Enhancement Sex Doll Spell) Awesome doll!!! Excellent ebayer. Products are the BEST! I will stop back again. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-17-09 (Attraction Spell) Awesome!!! One of the best!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-15-09 (Pet Control Spell) Great looking and working ring! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-15-09 (Persuasion Power Spell) AAA+++ lovely necklace just as described, felt power right away Thanks!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-14-09 (Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Spell) Awesome Seller!!! 5 Stars all the way!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 2-14-09 (Spell) No problem; thank you. I appreciate your work. The fact that it takes some time to get responses to questions is a good thing. I know you are busy doing magick work so you don't just sit at the computer being a salesman. You're awesome. Happy Valentines Day! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-14-09 (Muscle Growth Spell) Awesome Seller!!! 5 Stars all the way!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 2-14-09 (Spell)Hi! i have purchased from you before and have been very pleased with the item. For this item i was a little confused about what i would recieve with the purchase(jewlery? A spell?) Can you please tell me what the quadruple cast is? Thanks(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-14-09 (Red Jasper Love Pendant Spell) Very nice! Always confident with this seller. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-13-09 (Good Fortune Spell) Fast Delivery Really works POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-13-09 (Jinx-Remover Spell) This doll started working BEFORE I bought it - slightly weird but true! A++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-11-09 (Gambling Spell) A+++++ E-Bayer.I won $600.00 at bingo, the very 1st time i wore this ring !!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 2-11-09 (Spell) Dear Scott Dear Kimberly, today, I got the items, I bought from you (power and wealth ring, money bracelet, diet earrings , hairgrowth ring) and thank you so much for the cross. The items are really radiating strong! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 2-11-09 (Gambling Spell) Have I got a story for you! 2 days ago, I got this ring for my husband. He won $800 at a casino yesterday & the ring isn't even here yet! (He usually loses.) Explain that. :) (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-11-09 (Career/Business Success Spell) Are you a Secretory of GOD !!! Its Workssssssssssssssssss Amazing... A++++++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-11-09 (Good Fortune Spell) thank you i feel it already POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-11-09 (Gambling Spell) GREAT ITEM...WON $500 @ THE CASINO...THANKS...WILL BUY FROM AGAIN... POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 2-11-09 (Spell) I bought a spell from you last year in the beginning around april. It was a ring with a hair and nail growth spell. I know that it's a little late to tell you this but I went to the salon months back. About six months after I had bought the ring from you. I hadn't really thought about the spell in a while. I walked in and my hair dress who always cuts my hair was amazed at how long my hair was. Then I realized that it had grown about 7 to 8 inches in just the six months. I researched hair growth rates and hair grows an average of only 6 inches per year! Now my hair is so long! Longer than it could have ever been had I not purchased your spell ring. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-11-09 (Triple-Cast Money Spell) Quick ship...and already working! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-10-09 (Reverse Aging Spell)what a beautyfull ring! Strong energies! I love it! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-10-09 (Mending Spell)I love yout items! This ring has a beautyfull tendercalming energy. Thank you!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 2-10-09 (Spell)I Hi, I wanted to give you an update actually. You have been helping me recently with the problems regarding my ex(which I'm ready to give up on) but I also purchased a money spell from you at the same time. Well I had something interesting happen today. I recently moved and transferred jobs. My current job is about 30 mins away and only allowing me to work part time with about 9 hours a week(certainly not enough to cover bills.) So I went to open a bank account today and was talking to the lady helping me about being interested in a job that's about 5 mins from me, right around the corner. Turns out she used to work there and contacted them for me. They pulled my application and I have an interview tomorrow(1/29.) There's a good possibility it's a fulltime position with more money than what I'm making now. Maybe I shouldn't give up on the situation with my ex just yet. Seems like energies are kind of sluggish around me. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-10-09 (Quick Double-Revenge Spell)I Seemed to start working the day it arrived!!Amazing results!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-9-09 (Long-Term Wealth Spell)Excellent craftmanship on doll did findmoney prior to useage,goodseller,fastship POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 2-9-09 (Attraction Spell) Scott you are the man.Everything I have bought from you are in motion especially the Attraction spell(necklace).She is really eyeing me up.I feel like a new man.Keep up the good work. you can use the above for feedback listings if you are interested.Thanks so much (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 2-9-09(Mr. Money Bags Wealth Spell & Persuasion Power spell) Mr. Money Bags: I have yet to perform the simple ritual,& already I'm aout to receive 2 separate loans fora total of $5500USD,from a foreign investor,that will help me to invest in foreign markets,that will earn me a 1500% + profit on my money.This along with at least 3-5 invitations to receive $5000USD each.I will say the ritual B4 the weekend,to really enhance my progress.The Persuasion Ring:Although the lady & I haven't kissed yet,I know it's on her mind,I've been allowed by her to masssage & kiss her feet,give her kisses on her neck & cheeks.She's so warmed up to me that that she talks to me after she's tucked in bed & ready to sleep.She is talking about cooking me dinner sometime & she misses our hugs.You can edit this testimony as you see fitYours truly, (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) I'm loving the Muscle spell. I can see daily growth. Whats your most powerful Muscle spell? Do you have a separate testxxxsterone spell? I want for everyone to think that i'm on stxxxoids. :) I also Paid for a super-charged Baseball spell on the 11th of October. And I didn't really feel the strength. I think that that the Muscle spell should help me with my Baseball Abilities. My first baseball game is on February 3rd. and I just want to make an impression from day one of the season. I want my Batting Average to be over .400, over 20 Home runs, and over 20 stolen bases. I also will be doing some pitching. I want my ERA to be under 2.00(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-9-09(Charging spell) so so cute and great value really love your stuff and yes it does work !!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-9-09(Ultimate Good Luck spell) Totally exceeded expectation! Will enjoy wearing beautiful & mysterious bracelet POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-8-09(Love Binding Control spell) Variety is second to none!!Repeat buyer.Seller exceeds all expectations!!THEBEST POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-7-09(Love Control spell) Very real! very powerful! Outstanding Ebayer! Thank you! will buy again. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-6-09(Aura Cleansing spell) All smiles here-what a feeling******* POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-6-09(Gambling spell) After I ordered I won the office Super Bowl Pool!! ty!! great product n service! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-6-09(Weight-Loss spell)oh do I like this seller great product and service POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-5-09(Sinful Naughty Sex spell) fast shipper!! great deal!! product works wonderfully!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-5-09(Protection spell)very happy with great quailty already in use thanks POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-5-09(Eternal Power spell)Powerful stuff! Thank you! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-4-09(DIRECT CASTING Return A Love spell) incredibly strong..really works.. many thanks POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-4-09(DIRECT CASTING MEGA MONEY WEALTH spell) already started working,,unbelievable stuff..will shop again..thnx POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-3-09(Charging spell) Scott you're the best among the best! Love you- From my mom. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-3-09(Magnatizm spell) Truthfully. I literally see more luxury cars then ever. On my way. AA++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-3-09(Persuasion Power spell) Fast shipping, nice ring, good quality, Very satisfied with this transaction, POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 2-3-09(Career/Business Success spell) Great to do business with!! Terrific Transaction!! Thanks!! Positivity!! A +++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 2-1-09(multi-spells)You are awesome! That's why you have so many repeat customers and outstanding feedback. I know as my money situation improves (I am 100% positive it's coming to shower me with what I need and want), I will continue to use your services. I will email you directly to try to help you avoid those pesky ebay and paypal commissions. I will send you money on a future stuff to help repay your favors to me. I trust you so that is a good reason to go direct + God only knows you don't need my feedback on ebay. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-31-09(Triple-Charged Money spell)Got the ring for my husband 2 days ago. He won $800 at a casino a day afterward! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-29-09(Long-Term Wealth spell) Excellent item, feeling more positive already. Many thanks. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-28-09(x10 Wealth spell)Recieved shipment quickly. Can't even explain it. but it's working. Awesome. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-28-09(Muscle Mass spell)Quick shipment. Felt the power in my first workout. Double the strength POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-28-09(Money Wealth spell) Wow, worked the first day I got it. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-28-09(Penis Enhancement spell) one word excellent POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-27-09(Good Fortune spell)1005 satisfied,thanks,bobv. (100%) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-27-09(Booty Enhancement spell)Fast shipping! I can feel the energy from the ring. Will follow up. Thanks! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-26-09(Ultimate Good Luck spell) recvd very quickly, felt the buzz right up my arm fr the ring very happy thank u POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-26-09(Super-Charged Black Widow Love Trap spell) Wonderful seller, the real deal, I am SO happy and hopeful, thanks so much! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-26-09(Male Enhancement spell) Fast delivery, and I have had great results with the product! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-26-09(Charging spell) awesome, hugh charging box!!!!great insert notes,BEST SELLER ive seen so far!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-26-09(Bsexy spell) super fast shipping! highly recommended. beautiful ring with tangable power! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-24-09(Enhance Your Eyesight Spell) " ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " Strange Magic " POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 1-25-09(Discounted Quadruple Cast Direct Casting Spell) Dear Kimberly and Scott: I just need some serious help here. Just send & do what you can for this amount of money. I trust you. I really hate that I don't have more. You have more feedback than I have ever seen... & all POSITIVE. I'm impressed. I am enough of a charity case without added costs to you. I will just send money tomorrow and trust your judgement. I am very grateful for your help. I will not forget. You are awesome and I believe there is a reason that I stumbled across your website. I bought a few inexpensive items yesterday and today. Thank you for accepting my offers on some. Blessings to you always. I am so excited to be doing this and receiving the stuff from you. I will sacrifice whatever I need to just to get all this help. I'm a heavy-duty believer! Thank you(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 1-24-09(Penis Enhancement Sex Spell) My girlfriend and I have awesome sex and she even notices the growth, and when I'm not with her I'm very horny(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-22-09(Wealth Spell) Can feel Strong energy emitted from key! Will treasure it! Free Ship! Thanks! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-22-09(Sinful Naughty Sex Spell) Thanks * Worked before I even got it. Hot Hot Stuff!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 1-21-09(x10 Money Wealth Spell) hello, I've got some very good news to tell you. Money winning streak is coming back...Anyway, thank you so much for all the wonderful items! I've let just about everybody know of your website as well. Hopefully, they'll check it out more often as much as I do. Thanks again! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 1-21-09(Spells) Scott you are the man.Everything I have bought from you are in motion especially the Attraction spell(necklace).She is really eyeing me up.I feel like a new man.Keep up the good work. you can use the above for feedback listings if you are interested.Thanks so much (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-21-09(Good Fortune Spell) AAA+++ Seller thankyou just Awesome love your work POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 1-21-09(White Love Doll Spell) When I got the doll,I felt its' energy strongly.After saying the person's name & my desired outcome,the same nite I dreamt that I was talking to her (the subject of the spell) in her room,& she gave me the keys to her room,that was a week ago.Now just about each time I pick the doll up,I still feel its' enrgy,I call the doll by the subject's name & whisper in its' ear the results I want.I treat it ( the doll ) like a lover & since then I see her a bit more,we have more eye contact.I know that soon she'll be mine. POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 1-21-09(Persuasion Power Spell) Thus far this ring has allowed me to begin a friendship with someone whom I didn't think would allow herself to be close to/date anyone in the church.Even though she is 10+yrs my senior,which @ 1st,seemed it might be a problem,she hasn't let it stop me from hugging & kissing her on the both cheeks ( this is an improvement from just hugs ) & she's more receptive to it.Her hugs have also gotten a bit more tighter.I start gently,then squeeze al ittle,no complaints. POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 1-21-09(Mr. Money Bags Spell) I got the package today.A lot went into it,for I felt its' power when I held it the 2nd time after taking it out of its' box. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-20-09(Celebrity Fame & Fortune Spell) Very fast ship! Ring had significant energy out of pkg.Thanx! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-20-09(Protection Spell) nice item ; i feel protected POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-20-09(Increase Your Sales Spell) Fast shipping! Can already feel it working!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-19-09(Self-Confidence Spell) I feel it already! Great work! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-19-09(Good Fortune Spell) 100% SATISFIED AAAAA+++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-19-09(Stop Balding Hair Growth Spell)Present for friend, my hair grew 3 inches in 6 weeks with similar item, amazing! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-19-09(Long Term Wealth Spell)Fast delivery, thanks; looking forward to results, great energy, reliable 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-19-09(Unlimited Growth Penis Enhancement Spell)item arived safe feeling better already, awesome ebayer AAAAA+++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-18-09(Persuasion Power Spell)It works.I'm going out with a person that is very picky,yet is warming up 2 me POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-18-09 (White Magick Love Control Spell) I felt the doll's energy,when I held it B4I even stated my desired outcome POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-18-09 (Attraction Spell) Best Seller on ebay. THank you! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-18-09 (Haitian Good Luck Spell) Great Energy. Happy with purchase. Thank you! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-18-09 (DIRECT CAST BEAUTY MAKEOVER Spell) Very happy with purchase. Highly recommend. Thank you! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-18-09 (Money Cash Wealth Spell) Received a unexpected $800 check! Thank you! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-18-09 (Career/Business Success Spell) Best on Ebay. Thank you! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-18-09 (Charging Spell) Powerful Positive Energy. Wonderful as always. Thank you!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-18-09 (Charging Spell) GREAT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU A+++++++++++++ SELLER POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-18-09 (Persuasion Power Spell) arrived safely, seems to be working some already A+++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-17-09 (Long Term Wealth Spell) Wow, I followed the typed instructions and the winning is beginning, just 1 day. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-17-09 (Stop Balding Hair Growth Spell) I can't believe this actually worked!!!! Have documented results within 3 weeks! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-17-09 (Penis Enhancement Spell) I look and feel good all due to you;Results from purchases astound me.Thank you! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-15-09 (Triple-Cast Money Spell) Recieved the Item very fast, I got a raise out of the blue, might be the ring... POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-14-09 (Double-Hex Revenge Spell) Another wonderful doll! Thank you so much! Your very talented! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-14-09 (Stretch Mark Removal Spell) Thank you - Fabulous I believe!!! I believe! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-13-09 (Charging Spell) Happy with transaction. All as promised. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-13-09 (Super-Charged Mr. Money Bags Spell Doll) Whoa, talk about fast results. Already getting money left and right. Thank you! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-13-09 (Good Fortune Spell) I Love my ring! It really Does work,I won $10 off a scratch ticket! Thanks! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-13-09 (Triple-Charged GOOD LUCK Spell) I love my ring! It really works!! Thanks!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-11-09 (Sinful Naughty Sex Spell) Immediate shipping!! Always an awesome seller with awesome products!! Thanks!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-11-09 (Sinful Naughty Sex Spell) Immediate shipping!! Always an awesome seller with awesome products!! Thanks!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-10-09 (Good Fortune Spell) First time I used it, I jackpotted a slot machine, Thanks! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-8-09 (Triple-Charged Weight-Loss Spell) thank you for the doll - as soon as I opened it I felt a connection! A+ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-6-09 (Unlimited Growth Penis Enhancement Voodoo Spell)Received item , very satiesfied , thank you ... POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-6-09 (Muscle Mass Spell)thank you good product 100% recommended POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 1-6-09 (Muscle Mass Spell) I want you to use this as a testimony. On Jan. 2nd I was looking at the items that you have in your store for sell. One item caught my attention so much that I put it on my watch list. The item that caught my attention was the Witch Worn Haunted 10x Money Wealth Cash SPELL GLD RING. A few hours later a friend that had owed me $400 for almost a year, called me out of no where to tell me that he was going to stop by my house tomorrow to give me the money. The next day Jan. 3rd he showed up with the money. Whats so odd about it is that I spoke to my friend a few days before Jan. 2nd and he told me that he didn't have any money. Now I really want to buy it. I can only imagine the power once the ring is actually in my possesion. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-6-09 (Male Enhancement Spell)thank you good product 100% recommended POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-6-09 (Rapid Hair Growth Spell)I had to write and tell you an experience I've already had with this ring after only wearing it for 12 hours. I suffered from sore shoulders all the time and usually gave them reiki treatments each night just to help them. i couldn't sleep on either shoulder because it hurt. Well, imagine my surprise when I layed down last night and noticed my shoulders weren't hurting. I rolled on each side and still they felt great. I knew that you said other things could happen, but I just didn't suspect that it would help something that has bothered me for awhile. If my hair grows as quickly as it has helped the pain, I'll be a fan for life! Thank you, (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-5-09 (Triple-Cast Wealth Spell)Hi there, I choose not to tell you the specifics of how the money spell on the ring has begun to work for me; but it has in a rather big way. I just wanted to let you know. Feel free to add this comment to your listings for this particular piece. Thanks again. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-2-09 (Return A Love x5 Charged Candle Kit) great item & transaction! would definitely buy from again! thank U! 5 *****Stars POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-2-09 (Sara Hocus Weight-Loss Spell Doll)Serious about losing weight? Get this doll!! Lost 3 kgs already without trying! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-1-09 (Muscle Mass Spell) great job as to be expected, great seller will use over and over!!!!!!!!! IF YOU WISH TO SEE MORE FEEDBACK AND TESTIMONIALS SIMPLY E-MAIL ME AT [email protected] and I will send a lengthy version dating back to 2006. I RECEIVE MANY TESTIMONIALS EACH AND EVERY DAY , WAY TOO MANY TO SAVE THEM ALL , THIS IS A SMALL SAMPLE OF MY MOST RECENT FEEDBACK AND TESTIMONIALS FROM EBAY SALES ONLY ! NOTES : You do not have to wear the spell jewelry everyday or even at all for the spells to work, you can leave the item with name of person spell is to be used on and spell goal written on piece of paper and keep item in contact with this info when not wearing On Aug-25-09 at 14:58:44 PDT, seller added the following information: Sellers: Get your own map of past buyers. Fast. Simple. On Aug-25-09 at 19:14:29 PDT, seller added the following information: Every buyer gets a MyStoreRewards invitation for cash back

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