Amusing – Haunted Witches Triple-cast Money Spell Ring Wicca : Stupid Mart

Amusing – Haunted Witches Triple-cast Money Spell Ring Wicca

This one’s very funny. I used to browse eBay looking for interesting things to buy. You can spend lots of time browsing the funny stuff sellers list. Collectables is a million laughs. You find ironic stuff every other listing.

22,000+Total eBay Feedback 99.5% NEARLY PERFECT RECORD!

~*~The Voodoo Magick Shop~*~ HOLLYWOOD FAMOUS & WORLDWIDE FAMOUS WE ARE THE LARGEST SPELL SELLERS IN THE WORLD! 20+ years of experience, a decade long ebay silver, gold and now PLATINUM powerseller, 22,500+ total positive ebay feedback with over 7,300+ repeat customers and counting ! Voted eBays #1 spell seller with over 5,500 unique spell items and excellent spell success rates ! THIS AUCTION IS FOR A HAUNTED WITCHES WHITE MAGICK "MEGA-CASH" MONEY SPELL RING ! A TRIPLE-CASTED FAST CASH WEALTH SPELL ! USE TO BRING MONEY INTO ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE THRU HIGHER PAY CHECKS, BIGGER GROCERY AND FUEL SAVINGS, LOWER HEATING BILLS, ITEMS YOU WANT OR NEED SUDDENLY ON HUGE SALES, JOB PROMOTIONS, REFUND CHECKS, AND MORE! REAL MALAY JADE SPELL RING ~*~ Witches Triple-Cast Fast Cash Wealth Spell Ring~*~ These rings, dolls, and other spell items have POWERFUL energy !!! If this scares you do not purchase it ! People whom have used my spell items have felt them shake and vibrate, seen visions, felt massive cold-chills down their spines, have went from having back, neck, and leg pains to moving about and walking PAIN FREE, many reports of visions and black-outs while holding it. Others have reported small to large cash finds, earnings, or winnings, or great financial gains in other ways such as increased business or sales, property values or stocks, ect. Increased sexual desires, ex-loves returned, new-found relationships, power and strength, and more depending on the owner of the spell item. THESE RINGS ARE READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE ON ......., WELL IF YOU'VE MADE IT THIS FAR THEN YOU ALREADY KNOW WHOM THIS WILL BE FOR NOW DON'T YOU !! ***AUTHENTIC HAUNTED WHITE MAGICK MEGA-CASH SPELL RING*** THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL RING with real paranormal & metaphysical qualities beyond the average persons comprehension, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE YOU BID AND BEST OF LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR FUTURE ! LASTLY PLEASE REMEMBER! I CAN NOT STRESS THE POINT ENOUGH ---> THIS RING IS EXTREMELY POWERFUL AND SHOULD ONLY BE OWNED BY SOMEONE THAT CAN CONTROL ITS MASSIVE SUPER-NATURAL POWERS !!!! With that said, I take no responsibility for anything experienced by the buyer ! 100% FREE USA SHIPPING AND HANDLING ON THIS ITEM! Outside the USA s&h on spell jewelry is $3.95 first item and $1.00 each additional item ~*~The Voodoo Magick Shop~*~ Spell TESTIMONIALS I could tell you anything you wanted to hear (like most do that sell spell items) but will spare you as I EASILY HAVE PROOF with thousands of feedback from customers stating the powers of my spell items!! I have 21,000+ total positive ebay feedback, a DECADE LONG e-Bay SILVER, GOLD and now PLATINUM POWERSELLER, 25+ YEARS OF SALES EXPERIENCE! ACTUAL CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ABOUT SPELLS ONLY BELOW AND CAN BE CONFIRMED BY CLICKING ON THE DATE FEEDBACK WAS LEFT FOR ME! THESE TESTIMONIALS ARE ONLY FROM THE PAST FEW MONTHS NOT THE PAST DECADE WORTH OF SALES AND ONLY THE ONES DIRECTLY RELATED TO SPELL POWERS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE AS THERE ARE THOUSANDS LIKE THIS OVER THE YEARS! OVER 7,300 REPEAT SPELL CUSTOMERS AND COUNTING! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-6-09 (Unlimited Growth Penis Enhancement Voodoo Spell)Received item , very satiesfied , thank you ... POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-6-09 (HGH Muscle Mass Spell)thank you good product 100% recommended POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-6-09 (Male Enhancement Spell)thank you good product 100% recomended POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-2-09 (Return A Love x5 Charged Candle Kit) great item & transaction! would definitely buy from again! thank U! 5 *****Stars POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-2-09 (Sara Hocus Weight-Loss Spell Doll)Serious about losing weight? Get this doll!! Lost 3 kgs already without trying! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 1-1-09 (HGH Muscle Mass Spell) great job as to be expected, great seller will use over and over!!!!!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-31-08 (Debt Relief Spell)Great seller, excellent communication, Awesome shop!!!! Fast ship A+++++++++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 12-31-08 (Strength & Power Wealth SPELL Ring Spell) By the way, the personal power ring that I obtained from you is super.... real results!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-30-08 (Triple-Cast Money Spell)quick shipping. as described. can feel it tingling when I put it on... POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-29-08 (HGH Muscle Mass Spell)great i could feel the energy as soon as i put it on will strongly recommend!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-29-08 (Persuasion Power Spell)Wow, Thanks, Scott...Awesome Transaction AS USUAL POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 12-29-08 (Eternal Power Spell) Hi!! I am a repeat, pleased buyer. I know I do not have to wear the ring to use its magic, but I just have to know.... what size is it? I wear a 13. By the way, the personal power ring that I obtained from you is super.... real results!! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-28-08 (Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Spell)really great product i give A+++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-27-08 (Recharging Spell Box) A+++++ Great product, this seller never ceases to amaze me POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-27-08 (Triple-Cast Money Spell) Just awesome....A+++++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-27-08 (African Protection Spell) awesome A+++++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-27-08 (Breast Enhancement Spell)WILD!!! Awesome... POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-24-08 (Triple Charged Money Spell)i'm very happy with my purchase i will be buying more iterm soon excellent POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 12-23-08 (TIME WARP/TRAVEL SPELL) Scott, I recently tried the mastering of slowing down & speeding up time & it actually worked one day while I was at work. The ring was in my car & it felt like it's powers were working. Here's my experience: I was working with a customer & it was 9:30 AM - I finished with the customer & usually the whole transaction takes about 5 minutes to complete & this person had a HUGE order. I finished with them & it was STILL the time it was when I had started the order.. it was as if time had frozen. Thus, then time started to speed back to normal it seemed, afterward. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-23-08 (Gambling Spell) It was fast shipment and a fantastic product. It's strong and I get tingles. POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 12-23-08 (ULTIMATE DIRECT CASTING SPELL) Dear Scott Thank you for your email and I beliver that your derect spell work,s because my daughter leg is better and she is starting to run again and i would let you do my own at a later date (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-22-08 (Triple Charged Money Spell) it really works thanks POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 12-21-08 (Metamorphosis/Shapeshifting Spell) Hello Just to let you know i feel the shapeshifting spell you casted is working well! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-20-08 (Persuasion Power Spell) CANNOT GO WRONG BUYING FROM THIS STORE.CREAM OF THE CROP POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-20-08 (Good Fortune Spell) TOP EBAY STORE.A MODEL ON HOW TO BE A GREAT EBAY MERCHANT !!! A+++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 12-20-08 (FORGET/CHANGE PAST SPELL) Thank you thank you thank you!! It took the full moon cycle to see the results of the ring but it worked! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-19-08 (Sara Hocus Weight-Loss Spell Doll)todo bien muchas gracias!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-19-08 (Relationship Enhancement Spell)excellent seller, fast shipping, very satisfied POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-18-08 (HGH Muscle Mass Spell) Excellently packaged with easy to follow instructions.would buy from again. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-18-08 (Weight-Loss Spell) bracelet is gorgeous! would even buy another! Scott and the shop are great! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-17-08 (Poker Gambling Kit Spell) It's a good item i have seen some evidance that is is working. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-17-08 (Revenge Spell) quick delivery - i think it is working already after having only two days POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-16-08 (Super-Charged Business Success Spell) luv it...i felt the energy right away..thank you POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-16-08 (DIRECT CASTING LOVE SEX PASSION SPELL)phenominal. seller true asset to ebay, grt comm, wonderful trans, quickm thx!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-16-08 (Haunted Creepy Haitian Luck Doll)Believe Doll has something to it-thanx POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-16-08 (Attraction Spell) i dont know yet but the day i got my ring i had nightmare... i dont know why.. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-15-08 (DIRECT CASTING WEALTH SPELL RING)I will be a repeat customer A++++++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-15-08 (Recharging Spell Box)Trusted seller. Beautiful item. A++++++ Items always as described. Fast shipping POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-15-08 (Penis Enhancement Sex Spell) Nice ring. Trusted seller. Fast service. Item is as described. Fast shipping. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-15-08 (Money Spell Rice) great ebayer excellent results thanks so much POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-15-08 (Good Fortune Spell) great ebayer excellent results thanks so much POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-15-08 (Control Anger Spell) great ebayer excellent results thanks so much POSITIVE FOLLOW-UP FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-15-08 (Super-Charged Wealth Spell) great bracelet monday, won £5 lottery. feel as this is the beginning :) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-14-08 (Attraction Spell) RING CAME IN FAST. I AM GETTING VERY GOOD ENERGY RECENTLY... HOPE ALL GOES WELL! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-13-08 (Attraction Spell) GREAT ITEM! I feel such postive energy, make me feel really irrestible, will tes POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-13-08 (Penis Enhancement Sex Spell) Nice Energy A++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-13-08 (TIME WARP TRAVEL SPELL) Great Energy A+++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-13-08 (Ring Of Fortune Spell) very professional, easy to work with, perfect. Ring is starting to work. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-10-08 (DIRECT CASTING SPELL) My LPS Direct Cast worked TODAY!- Had a impromptu 5 hour date w/ a cool guy!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-8-08 (DIRECT CASTING MEGA WEALTH SPELL) wonderful and honest seller with powerful spells items and thanks for the gift POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-8-08 (TIME WARP TRAVEL Spell) I tested the ring scientifically and it did in fact enhance manipulation of time POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 12-7-08 (Perfect Teeth Spell) comments: Dear scott, i ordered a spell ring a month ago and i Recieved the teeth whitening spell ring, and i cannot tell you how good it is !! My teeth shines which they have never done and the marks on my teeth have disappeared, my colleagues love my teeth now and they say i look good smiling !! my life has changed and people at work have got something to talk about me now, its all becuase of you. Many many thanks!! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 12-12-08 (DIRECT CAST MAKE-OVER BEAUTY Spell) Hey Kimberly, all my makeover direct casts are already underway i am having great results...i already feel tone in my legs and weight loss...its been what? a week.. WOW...Direct Casts are very serious....I just bought Abby K,Dabra and Massive Sex Voodoo Doll as well. You guys are REALLY helping me change my life,,,feel free to put that on the website as testimonial because it is very true... (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-7-08 (Triple-Cast Money Wealth Spell) Unbelievable! i earned $5000 worths commision! thank you! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-6-08 (Super-Charged Attraction Spell) Unbelievable Another lovely dollie. Thanks for customizing it. Great energy. POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 12-6-08 (Spell Items) Dear Kimberly: Thank you for helping me in waiting on payment until this Thursday, it will help. I must say it is a pleasure to do business with you and Scott and TheDugOut is such a blessing to anyone looking for a powerful spelled item. Many Blessings. Sincerely, (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-6-08 (Weight-Loss Spell) Received earrings today. Felt a warm feeling after I put them on. POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 12-6-08 (Ultimate Direct Casting Spell) Q: (CONTINUATION) As I was telling you, xxxxx, is doing very well thanks to all those spells for him. He's talking more, conversations! Actually my lil boy is conversating! the teacher told me he has a best friend and they both chat!He's doing great in School and has become more focused and obedient! I have to thank you. You cannot imagine as mother how I feel to see my child like this. Autism is a terrible thing, but he seems to be coming out of it. I know it has no cure but it can be improved and your spells are making the trick. I think since you casted the spells plus the fact that xxxxx was the very first one who opened the box and saw this doll helped(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-5-08 (Attraction Spell) Better than I expected, fast shipping, doing another transaction now!!! AAA+++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-4-08 (Protection Spell) Peace of mind with item POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-3-08 (Triple-Cast Money Wealth Spell) Awesome! Started working the same day! Thank You!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-3-08 (Weight-Loss Spell) lovely earrings and full of energy POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-3-08 (Enhance Your Eyesight Spell) powerful seller, fingers crossed POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-2-08 (Recharging Spell Box) Scott is simply the best. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 12-1-08 (DIRECT CASTING MEGA-MONEY WEALTH Spell) Thank you!! The ring arrived today and the special gift is amazing, your AMAZING POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 12-1-08 (BUILD MUSCLE Growth Workout Spell) I really am impressed with the ring that I purchased. I can't believe the muscle I am starting to grow. FANTASTIC. Thedugout is theBOMB! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-30-08 (Mr. Money Bags and Revenge Spell Doll) I love Mr. Money Bags. Everything I had asked for, I did recieve. I just wrote a new list of goals and they are already starting to materialize.Also, when I shop I find the best deals and keep getting free gift. The revenge doll I odered is the best too. I bought it to get rid of someone and she didn't go away but left me alone and didn't bother me anymore. My bf had been treating me bad and it attacked him. The doll was on a box and literally hopped off and fell down, screw hand first and cut his foot. It also gave him bad dreams.I gave the doll to my mother who held it and thought about hating her boss. A week later her boss got in a bad car wreck. The same weeks she got sick also which is rare. POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-30-08 (BUILD MUSCLE Growth Workout Spell) Once again this seller didn't let me down!! I recommend wholeheartedly A+++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-30-08 (Love Binding Control Spell) Gorgeous item, hot with energy, feel great stuff w/ hubby already, thanks!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-30-08 (Sinful Sex Naughty Spell) it worked! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-30-08 (repeat customer)No question - just a comment.I'd just like to say thank you to Scott and staff for providing an authentic spiritual service. The worldwide web is a literal sea of bogus people providing spells and spiritual items that are fake and only mean to profit them while screwing innocent people royally. May the increase of life abound toward you and your staff as you contunue on in this work.Happy Thanksgiving(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-29-08 (Speak & Understand Any Language Spell)Great ring, It fits perfectly. I felt the energy as soon as package was opened POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-29-08 (Weight-Loss Spell)I am very pleased with my purchase and fast delivery. Great transaction. A++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-28-08 (Triple-Cast Money Wealth Spell) This is great! Can already feel it working! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-28-08 (Witches Black Salt) Prompt delivery, great communication...AND...THIS STUFF WORKS!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-28-08 (Business Success Spell) Excellent communication, Seller is awesome. Thanks so much! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-28-08 (Good Luck Spell) Excellent communication, Seller is awesome. Thanks so much! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-27-08 (DIRECT CAST BEAUTY MAKEOVER SPELL) A++++ LOVE THIS SELLER, VERY HELPFUL POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-26-08 (HGH Muscle Mass Spell) awsome product would recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-25-08 (Recharging Spell Box) Can see the magick. Received 19 days after payment; slow shipping this time.(Thanksgiving holiday weekend, shipping slow from USPS) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-25-08 (Gambling Spell) Well pleased, wil use again A+++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-25-08 (Weight-Loss Spell)Fast shipping! Already feeling more energy, more desire to workout, Thanks! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-25-08 (ULTIMATE DIRECT CASTING Spell)thank you very much for the gift and for all the help POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 11-25-08 (Return A Love Spell) Hi, I bought a set of 3 similar voodoo dolls from you in March/April with the intention to re-attract my ex-boyfriend of 5 years. Against all odds he actually did come back to me at the end of July and said he loved me (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 11-25-08 (Good Fortune Spell) hello Scott. Thank you for your good wishes for my Mom, she told me you're like a nephew now :) I got the item today. I just got it from the mailman... He asked me what it was because he says he felt it very heavy. I laughed. I have it with me and again I'm having this feeling again between a headache and warmnest in my whole body. By the way, awesome box!(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-24-08 (Save Your Job Or Company Spell)(¯`'•.¸§ (¯`'•.¸§ M A N Y ~ T H A N K S §¸.•'´¯) §¸.•'´¯) §¸.•'´¯) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-24-08 (Attraction Spell)Can feel + vibes already;Necklace is beautiful-Thank you POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-24-08 (Extreme Wealth & Power Spell)very fast delivery, the ring is amazing, I can feel the power from it! thank you POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 11-24-08 (Return A Love Spell)Hey Scott & Kimberly, Didn't have a question on this item but it was the only way I could remember how to email you guys at. I had a Super Charged Return a Love Spell cast about a month to a month and a half ago. I just wanted to update you. You guys are the real deal! I definatley saw changes in his moods and behavior. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-23-08 (Texas Hold’em Gambling Spell) Very nice - it works - sometimes :-)(spell will continue to grow and grow) POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-22-08 (Penis Enhancement Spell)nice ring and full of energy.Thanks POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL RECEIVED 11-22-08 (Long-Term Wealth Spell)Hello, I am writing to let you know your package made it here alright. Thank you so much for the little bottles of tigereye and turquoise and the butterfly necklace is for my mom. Thanks again! PS: The long term money doll is really starting to work.Thanks again for the wonderful items I received! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-22-08 (Booty Enhancement Spell)all sellers items are powerful, grt trans, quick del. Thanks !!@*-*@!!! Happy POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-22-08 (Seek Justice Super-Charged Spell)Great as always!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED 11-22-08 (Truth Telling Spell)Great as always!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-22-08 (Money Spell) The fast cash is working so well, I am going to go with the long term wealth doll too...and with my direct casting makeover I know you dont receive anything there is no doll or whatever,will you guys tell me when it was started or guys probably get a bunch of these type of questions lol PS ..I was too tickled that you guys used my feedback in one of your auctions,,u woulda thought i won something!(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-21-08 (Stop Balding Spell) This ring makes me shake when I wear in my bed at night...It's a wonderful feeling... POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-21-08(Super-Charged DREAM GIRL Love & Lust Spell)There is some waitng involved... However I could feel great energy and changes! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-21-08 (Wealth Spell) I cannot tell you how great your product is. I recieved and uxexpected check on the day that the ring got here. It is incredible. Thank you so much for this opportunity to gain more money. POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-20-08(Booty Enhancement Spell)fast shipping...get tingley little feels sometimes... POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-20-08(Breast Enhancement Spell)fast shipping...feel little tingles once in a while... POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-20-08(HGH Muscle Growth Spell)Very Very strong spell and would recommend to all looking for a power seller. A+ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-20-08(DIRECT CAST MEGA-MONEY WEALTH SPELL RING) I cannot believe that this works. More money already!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-20-08(Haunted Creepy Luck Spell Doll) Recieved in good order. Well made with great packaging. Strong Voodoo Magic! Thx POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-20-08(Haitian Luck Spell Doll)Beautiful Box. You sure are an artist :) And the energy of the doll WOW POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-20-08(Booty Enhancement Spell) prompt delivery and pretty item. Felt a tingling upon wearing immediately. POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-19-08(Rapid Hair & Nail Growth Spell)For my Sis, I think it working. POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-19-08(Penis Enhancement Spell)Thanks for this it was great. POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-19-08(Sinful Sex Naughty Spell)fast delivery,great communication,this item is working already,thank you POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-19-08 (spell) no thank u! i have written down all i want this ring to do for me and have the paper folded up w the ring inside when im not wearing it.altho i realize for all the things on my list to come about it is goin to take some time.however ive found b4 i even got this ring my bf has become more attentive as if nothing happened in the past.he has even spoke any mention of it! so again i thank u....u have saved a relationship between 2 soul mates that have been tryin to be together since the times of ancient egypt. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-18-08(Bsexy Spell) Rare seller who takes time to understand your wants before and after the sale! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-18-08(Protection From Evil Eye Spell) Great Energy. Simply Outstanding. AAAA++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-18-08(Ruin Thy Enemy Revenge Spell) Very impressive doll. Highly recommended seller. Will buy from again. **BB** POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-18-08(x10 Money Wealth Spell)CANT EXPLAIN IT ??? BUT ITS WORKING!!!!! GREAT PEOPLE TO DO BUSINESS WITH!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-18-08 (spell) hi. My headache was gone the minute I pinned my picture and name. I also wrote intentions although it didnt ask for it. Can I place all the jewerly for money I have purchased from you with my new doll? I have placed them with my business doll. I was wondering if all spells strenghen when they are near new spells like rings. By the way, about the dolls, Once I recharge my dolls, can I unpin my intentions and pin new ones or should I just pin it over the ones I have? Thanks. By the way my mom says hi to you and is telling me that ever since we ordered those 5 spells. She is sleeping very well and she is even getting more work. My son Kenneth is doing great too, he 's talking. Actually trying to initiate in conversations which for autistic children is kind of challenging. The Teacher is telling me he's becoming more sociable. Thanks really, as a mother you don't know how much this means to me.. more than retain a bf or making money. :) but of course I need the money to care for him(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-17-08(Rid Thy Enemy Revenge Spell)A++++++++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-17-08(HGH Muscle Growth Spell)Fast shipping. Item as described. The rope sorta vibrated when I put it on. POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-17-08(DIRECT CAST MEGA-MONEY WEALTH SPELL)Scott I recommend this seller. Kimberly's great and Dugout's products really work! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-17-08(Super-charged Black Magick Love Control Spell)Scott is the best, he is the real deal, don't spend your money anywhere else!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-17-08(Mr Big Bucks Super-charged Wealth Spell)Awesome Ebayer - Fast Shipping - Product as Described POSITIVE NEW WEBSITE COMMENTS 11-16-08 (perfect teeth spell)comments: dear scott and kimberly, i should say tht u are doing greate service, i have bought a spell ring yesterday to whiten and straighten my teeth. as a complement to you i am writing you this e-mail, nice work and keep it up. this help will give you good in return. many thanks (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE NEW WEBSITE COMMENTS 11-16-08 (Spell)comments: The ring was a perfect fit.It almost melted into my finger the sec I put it on.The energies from it merged w my own and became a part of me!! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-16-08(Time Warp Travel Spell)A Lot Of ENERGY!! Cant wait to use it!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-15-08(Recharging Spell Box)Fast shipping. Nice piece as described and good size. Already in use. POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-15-08(Stop Balding Spell) Recieved item today, I think I feel something..Hoping for results A++ seller POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-14-08(Aura Cleansing Spell) He is thoughtful & helped me to fix a past spell and recasted it for me A+A+A+A+ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-14-08(Love Control Spell) Totally is working, very powerful!!! Fast shipping. Very Satisfied! THANK YOU!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-14-08(Long-Term Wealth Spell) The long term money doll is really starting to work. This weeks full moon has really gave it a boost! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-14-08(HGH Muscle Spell) YOUR HIGH MUSCLE MASS RING HAS WORKED A LOT!! this ring is giving me proof that you are 100% Genuine(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-14-08(x10 Wealth Spell/Protection Spell) Hello Scott. I wanted to thank you I got the ring with the crucifix for protection and so far it has been working fine and the best part is that this ring actually fits on my finger! (I'm a size 10 ring I have thick bones and meaty fingers) I wore it the same day I got it and the next day I wrote my intentions and placed the ring with it. I took xxxx, my child, to the doctor for his flu shot and the doctor couldn't apply it because xxxx pushed it to the floor. She said she was going to charge us for the other one but at the end she just said forget it and gave the shot for free,then I found a pine cone outside the clinic's garden I don't know what it means I just picked it up and underneath there was a new 2 dollar phone card.I used it to talk with my favorite niece to Peru and it gave me 3 hours :) (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-13-08(HGH Muscle Growth Spell) WOW,Well pleased, will use again POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-13-08(Persuasion Power Spell) looking forward to receiving. feel wonderful already. thank you POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-13-08(Super-Charged Health & Healing Spell) Started to work right away awesome!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-12-08(HGH Muscle Growth Spell) Start to be working, Thank you POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-12-08(ULTIMATE DIRECT CASTING Spell) will update once spell kicks in but amazing energy so far.. xx (buyer just started using spell) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-12-08(Fairy Wishing Spell) A+++ felt the energy as soon as i got item and opened it POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-11-08(Texas Hold’em Gambling Spell) I must say, since getting this bracelet my luck at poker has changed a bit!!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-11-08(Gambling Spell) I must say, since getting this bracelet my luck at poker has changed a bit!!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-11-08(Mega Poker Skills Spell) I must say, since getting this bracelet my luck at poker has changed a bit!!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 11-12-08(Spell) Scott, I just have to say that you guys are so great with everything, customer service, shipping, just overall kick ass! I have looked at other practioners on Ebay and otherwise and no one compares to you guys! Seriously! Not that you "need" any more testimonials but there is one more for ya! Lol thanks again!(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-11-08(Return A Love Spell) SELLER IS GENUINE!!CARES AND SHIPS FAST!!GREAT COMMINCATION!!!!A++++++++++++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 11-11-08(Spell) i am really pleasantly surprised. this ring seems to be having an effect on me. i was a bit dubious but i am really seeing results. thank you so much, i will purchase from you again, you are the real thing.much appreciation,(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-11-08(Extreme Intuition Spell) Love everything that I have gotten from you. A++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-11-08(Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Spell) Love the bracelet. Great as always.....A++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-11-08(Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Spell) Love Great as always.......A++++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Recharging Spell)I haven't had this much luck b/4!! Its amazing Hands down: THE BEST!! Thanks POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Brighter Straighter Teeth Spell) This is my second purchase and I am already pleased with the results! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Super-Charged Return A Love Spell) Thank you so much for all you have done! Thoroughly recommended would use again! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Love Control Spell) wonderful doll ! got her today and wow.. she feels powerful! so big too ! +++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Sinful Sex Naughty Spell) Positive results, a true Magick Mage; Five Ratinf ***** POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(ULTIMATE DIRECT CASTING SPELL)A Magical Method of Increasing Will of Desire; Five Star Rating ***** POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Penis Enhancement Spell)*Power seller no doubt. Keep up the amazing work POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(DIRECT CASTING RETURN A LOVE SPELL)*THIS IS MY 5TH PURCHASE!!EVERYONE IS OR IS STARTING TO WORK!!HE DOES WONDERS!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-10-08(multi spell items)*Please feel free to use this as a verified testimonial* I have to admit when I bought the spell ring I was skeptical. However I followed the directions and proceeded anyway. Even b4 I received and activated the ring I saw little changes. Today one of the items on my list came to pass. It wasn't as large as the main objectives but I was completely in amazement when I realized it happened as I checked that thing off on my list. You have a new client for life in me Scott. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-10-08(Money Spell)Hi again! I just got it today. No need to respond to my prior email. Funny thing, I also received a settlement check from a class action lawsuit that I didn't even know I was a part of today as well. Although the amount wasn't huge, it more than paid for the cost of the doll. Holy crap. I can't wait for the moon cycle to be over!! Thanks again! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-7-08(Sinful Sex Naughty Spell)Fantastic seller! Fast shipping! A++++++ I can feel something from the ring POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-7-08(Cure Insomnia Spell)Fast delivery, thanks! Lovely ring, worked very quickly, haven't even worn yet! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-7-08(LADY LUST4ME Spell Doll) Just one word WOW A+++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-7-08(DIRECT CASTING BEAUTY MAKE-OVER Spell) A repeat customer, Scott is the real deal, he does what others can't! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Wicca Sing & Dance Abilities Spell)Fast shipping, Great ring. Awesome as Usual! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Magnatizm Spell)Fast shipping, Great ring. Awesome as Usual! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Recharging Spell Box)Fast shipping, Great ring. Awesome as Usual! Beautiful box! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Persuasion Power Spell)Fast shipping, Great ring. Awesome as Usual! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Long-Term Wealth Spell)From Karyna:THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(x10 Wealth Spell)From Celia: Scott God Bless You Thank you for be part of our lives POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Protection Spell)Thank You for Helping me and my mom so much! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(DIRECT CASTING VALUE PACK x5 Spells)You are Awesome I'm your #1 Fan POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Haitian Money Luck Spell)80 char's ain't enuff. Add 2 Fav' Sellers List. Ya won't be disappointed. 5stars POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-5-08(Love Curse Spell)THIS IS CHANGING MY WIFES MOOD SHE MAY BE COMING BACK TO ME POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-3-08(Money Spell)i feel this particular ring was meant for me.very fast shipping. bless you POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-2-08(Metamorphis Spell)Dear Mr. Van Osdol, I do have one more concern. How can I make sure that I can change back to normal? And, should I just hold the ring, or should it actually be on my hand? I am not quite sure how my fists should be positioned.Thank you, sir. I have to admit, I am feeling little differences as I proceed with using the ring. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-2-08(Gambling Spell) 2 words........................... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-2-08(Wealth Spell)Very nice, I can feel the tingle. POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-2-08(Rapid Hair & Nail Growth & Triple-Cast Wealth Spell)this is my testimonial i could not get access to e bay sorry Please use my initial. L.S hi i just want to thank you for the products i bought the hair and nail growth ring it is working and the triple cast money ring work amazing i received a check from my school about $400 dollar more than i usually get, and today 10/27/08 i receive a letter from my previous job that i quit 2 years ago, they claim that they owed me money. thank you i will be back for the recharge box spell and other items thank you L.S New York(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Mr Money Bags Wealth Spell)Very Powerful. Happy again with my purchase. Scott is the best. Thank you! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Attraction Spell)Absolutely Beautiful. Powerful energy!! Superb Seller. Thank you! :) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Texas Hold’em Gambling Spell) GREAT TRANSACTION..PLAYED 2 HOLD 'EM SESSIONS .WON BOTH. POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Protection Spell) Intricately delicate cross holding definitively powerful protection. A+++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Control Anger Calming Spell) Beautiful ring with extremely strong energy, I was overcome with calm & peace POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Jinx-Remover Spell) Lovely doll ~ definately good energy and felt it working immediately. POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Career Business Success Spell) its Energy IMMEDIATELY felt! Great Customer Service, Plotting next purchase now! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Attraction Spell)Everything's great!!!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Gambling Spell)Awsome pendant!!! Awesome seller what can I say I'm in awe!! A+++++ POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-31-08(Long-Term Wealth Spell) excellent same day I got the doll - I got an unexpected check!!! I'll be back! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-31-08(Weight-Loss Spell) excellent seller,I can feel it working before i receive it,.. fast shipping POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-31-08(Weight-Loss Atkins South Beach Diet Spell)Always awesome! BEST SELLER EVER!(check my transactions w/ him via my feedback!) POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-31-08(Aura Cleansing Spell)Always awesome! BEST SELLER EVER!(check my transactions w/ him via my feedback!) POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 10-31-08(Weight-Loss Spell)Hey Kimberly (my assistant), I have a question(s), I recently purchased a weight loss spell ring 10/21/08 from you guys..started working already! feelin WAY more motivated i have returned to my weight loss program on fire! You can use this in testimonial if you would like! Anyway, I have retrieved a forgotten opportunity to exchange a shift of babysitting for a gym membership! So, Its happening! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Attraction Spell)fantastic! worked straight away-i feel great! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Witches Black Salt Protection/Jinx-Remover)i feel more positivity around me-thanks heaps POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Forever Faithful Spell)love the bracelet-feels great thanks heaps POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(DIRECT CASTING Weight-Loss Spell) Thank you! Have lost over 20lbs and still losing... POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Witches Black Salt-Protection) i feel more positivity around me-thanks heaps POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Attraction Spell)thedugout fantastic! worked straight away-i feel great! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Ultimate Good LuckSpell) Rec'd Ring - Thank you! Great Seller! Will use again! Exactly how described! POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Weight-Loss Spell) quick delivery, beautiful amulet. Have worn for a few days and feel confident. IF YOU WISH TO SEE MORE FEEDBACK AND TESTIMONIALS SIMPLY E-MAIL ME AT [email protected] and I will send a lengthy version dating back to 2006. I RECEIVE MANY TESTIMONIALS EACH AND EVERY DAY , WAY TOO MANY TO SAVE THEM ALL , THIS IS A SMALL SAMPLE OF MY MOST RECENT FEEDBACK AND TESTIMONIALS FROM EBAY SALES ONLY ! NOTES : You do not have to wear the spell jewelry everyday or even at all for the spells to work, you can leave the item with name of person spell is to be used on and spell goal written on piece of paper and keep item in contact with this info when not wearing. On Aug-25-09 at 15:13:47 PDT, seller added the following information: Sellers: Get your own map today. Click here now. Simple." On Aug-25-09 at 19:29:50 PDT, seller added the following information: Every buyer gets a MyStoreRewards invitation for cash back

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