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Funny – Haunted Demon Power Amulet!!! Money & Sex 100% Real!

This one’s pretty funny. I used to browse eBay looking for interesting things to buy. I spend lots of hours viewing the funny things sellers auction. Americana has hilarious stuff. You find joke items galore.


Rare Enochian Sigil Amulet of Earthly Riches & Power ... Enochian Bindcast Script of Pure Power Genuine Sacred Artifact From a Secret, Powerful Cabal of Enochian Alchemists _________________________________________________ Here you see an artifact of ultimate power... *THE RADIATING, ENCHANTED SIGIL AMULET OF ENOCHIAN ALCHEMIST, GRANTS THE POWERS OF WEALTH, SEXUAL ATTRACTION AND POWER!!! 100% Hand Crafted with Enochian Power Radiating Bindcast Spell. What that means to you is that you can use this bindcast in ALL aspects of your life to become successful in finances (wealth), relationships, and power of all life! Read this entire listing... *THIS SIGIL AMULET HAS BEEN MADE BY SPECIAL REQUEST AND IS NOW AVAILABLE BY BIDDING! This sigil amulet has powers beyond your imagination!!! This has the power to change your life forever! READ THIS ENTIRE LISTING TO SEE HOW THIS WORKS!!! WARNING!!! THIS IS A DEADLY SERIOUS MATTER!!! This is a sigil of ULTIMATE POWER or Ultimate Devestation! The power you derive from this amulet is up to you, but know this: To possess this amulet brings upon you the sub powers of pure enochian alchemy. This means that you will actually be able to channel power and wealth from the bindcast welded to this amulet (depending on YOU and how you wield the power of this bindcast). In other words, THIS AMULET WILL MAKE YOU RICH IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS!!! This amulet is used to funnel the pure power of enochian alchemist powers. I have placed a rare direct, tuned pulse channeling bindcast on this amulet and I will further customize the bindcast to YOU personally. READ THIS ENTIRE LISTING TO LEARN ALL ABOUT THIS PROCESS! THIS REALLY WORKS AND IS 100% TRUE!!! Again, this amulet DIRECTLY channels enochian alchemist powers to YOUR gain. Mostly this bindcast is used to bring money, but again, this bindcast is tuned to bring many other gifts as well. This amulet has been fine pitch “Tuned“ with a special deep purple / blue aura pulse bindcast. This means that it is EXTREMELY POWERFUL!!! THE BASE BINDCAST ACTUALLY TOOK ME FOUR DAYS TO BALANCE AND TUNE!!! THE POWER RANGE OF THIS BINDCAST IS EXTREMELY DEEP AND POWERFUL. Again, this was cast as a special request by one of my disciples. YOU MUST HAVE A STRONG CHARACTER NOT TO BECOME CORRUPTED BY GREED THIS RING MAY CREATE!!! As the last single scribe of the Codex Gigas, I am the ONLY one that knows the exact details of this process and I have welded a RARE & POWERFUL bindcasts to this amulet just for the above stated purpose. However, I tell you in all honesty that this sigil can either bring you greatness or disaster. This is because the sacred *Dalfeas binding placed on this amulet does several things... Firstly, it is a *funnel channel to the power of enochian alchemy secret spellcasting born of the deepest and highest levels of *Secratas Mons. Secondly, this amulet has been tuned to amplify the TRUE nature of the person that wears it. If you have an evil nature, then it's most likely that this will amplify that aspect of your persona and that would be a true curse. HOWEVER, if you have a truly pure, unselfish, incorruptible soul, then the power of this bindcast will bring you untold wonderful gifts. Now, perhaps you can begin to understand the power of the artifact before you. ABOUT ME: I am one of the very few. I am The Exalted Most High One in a secret sect of Cabalistic Enochian Alchemists with virtually limitless power. As a Most High One, I have influenced world leaders and everyday people alike. My power is derived from secret sources long disused and forgotten by modern man. I am the original decendent of the single scribe of The Codex Gigas and I am the last of my kind. For those of limited knowledge, that basically means I am a high priest, except I actually do have powers and abilities that most priests only pretend to have. Since I have left my sect and I no longer mentor initiates in this discipline, I dare say, that with my death this power will die with me. _____________________________________ WHAT I DO: I take objects that have specific sympathetic harmonic metallic (and other) properties and I channel my inherited powers as the last descendant of The Single Scribe of The Codex Gigas to weld extremely powerful bind casts onto such objects. The combined power of my welded casts, and the harmonic pitch of the proper metal, gives these simple objects a welded cast power pulse not available anywhere else. In this case I have harnessed the powers of the alchemistic arts to achieve amazingly powerful positive results. This is something no other summoner, necromancer, preist, witch, worlock, or magician can do. Most have no idea that this can even be done at all. Why have I used my Alchemistic powers to cast this weld? Simply put, my Alchemistic powers (especially the original secret casts from the Single Scribe of the Codex Gigas) contains an extreme, alto level form of pure power that can turn rubbish and ruin into pure wealth and power. This bindcast is more pure than any other source on heaven, earth or dimensional realm. Again, I do not know how to stress this point to you. This is not a joke. I am 100% real. My clients range from famous celebrities to leaders of countries. They all have paid many thousands of dollars for their bindcasts and they all have been quite happy with the success I have brought to them. _________________________________ I offer this sigil amulet with an ORIGINAL binding script parchment (as translated into cobastin script) from the true Codex Gigas. This amulet will be wrapped in the sacred binding script and placed into a tuning casket. Below is an example script. (Note: I have blacked out some of the script so as not to have it misused by the uninformed) I also craft a “tuning” casket for this sacred object of power. The casket is lined with ORIGINAL binding scripts and sacred amulets of power. Above you see an example of the “tuning“ casket you will receive with this sacred object of power. The tuning casket is used to keep your object of power fully tuned, charged, and tuned. This is a complicated process that I don't have room to fully explain in this small ebay ad, but rest assured, this will make sure your bindcast is fully tuned to YOU and that you will attain all. I craft each tuning casket according to the inner persona of the buyer so the casket you get will be unique to you... In order for me to ascertain how best to weld this custom bindcast and tune your casket, I perform a full scrying on the winner of my auctions. This scry is my view into your soul and your future. If I see that there is any possible conflict or reason you should not have this sacred object of power, I will immediately issue a full refund and ask that you not risk owning this. If you win this auction, you will need to provide me with the following: 1. Your true name 2. Where you were born 3. When you were born 4. The above information on your parents* *NOTE: If you don't have the info on your parents I can still cast your scrying and weld your custom bindcast. It just takes me a few hours more work. Then, I will be able to weld a personal bindcast to the amulet that will make it a powerful tool that is tuned to you, and you alone. This process takes me several days to do properly, so please do not expect me to be able to ship immediately. This is a custom craft and it takes time to weld it properly. This sacred sigil amulet is a radiating power pulse of alchemistic channeling power that both sees and absorbs total alto wave energies that are then used to augment the bindcast. It is 100% hand made in the old world way with welded enochian alchemist bindcast, this piece was carved from a solid bar of sterling silver. The piece measures 2” long and has a high radiant finish. Again, this amulet serves to channel the enochian bindcast in a tuned, radiating power pulse. This amulet is approximately 2 inches long. This is just one aspect of the bindcast I have welded to this amulet that assures the lavishing of great gifts of wealth, power and opportunities. I have also welded a secret enochian sub pulse bindcast that radiates out of the “eye“ on the amulet (the circular sigil second from the top). Again, I have tuned this bindcast to amplify and pulse a gifting pulse of wealth. This assures YOU will be gifted these powers by command of the bindcast I have welded upon this amulet! NOTE: There is no danger to you UNLESS you allow yourself to be seduced by pure greed and avarice. ____________________________ NOTE: I GUARANTEE OWNERSHIP OF THIS ITEM WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! HOWEVER, HOW IT CHANGES YOUR LIFE IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU. I AM TO BE HELD 100% HARMLESS TO ANY CONSEQUENCES (GOOD OR BAD) AND YOU BUY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. __________________________ ABOUT OTHER EBAYERS SELLING POWER OBJECTS: Beware of those on Ebay that list lots of their so called “enchanted“ jewelery. A TRUE priest can only manage to create a few welded bindcasts in a week. If you see someone selling lots of items every week, they are pretenders & cannot be welding TRUE bindcasts. ____________________________ NOTE: Again, I am crafting a PERSONAL bindcast for you. This process takes me several days to do properly, so please do not expect me to be able to ship immediately. This is a custom craft and it takes time to weld it properly. ADDITIONAL NOTES ABOUT THIS BINDCAST: I have embedded a secret pulse into each of the octants on this amulet and an additional bindcast pulse onto the radiating center “eye” to further augment and focus the power of this amulet. Each is HIGHLY tuned to perfection! The tuning on this amulet was very deep toned and it may require me to include a power orb to keep this power pulse in balance. It depends on who acquires it and I won't know for sure until after I perform their personal scrying. If Power Orbs are required, I will add them at no additional charge. THIS BINDCAST HAS AN EXTREME DEEP PURPLE / BLUE CAST TO IT. THIS CAN CAUSE VERY LUCID AND POWERFUL DREAMS. IT CAN ALSO ATTRACT UNUSUAL ATTENTION FROM THE OPPOSITE SEX (As they tend to feel the radiating aura [power] of this bindcast and react to it). If this prospect scares you, DO NOT BID! Again, This sacred sigil amulet is 100% hand made in the old world manner and is carved from a solid block of sterling silver. This amulet also contains the rare enochian sub alto radiating power pulse bindcast cast to the center sigil “eye“. This amulet measures 2“ long. I have taken the utmost care to weld this bindcast to be VERY POWERFUL. Please do not bid on this unless you can abide by the giudelines of proper ownership... *Do NOT give in to greed or avarice. *Do NOT have a sense of entitlement. *Do NOT show any weakness. If you can abide by those simple rules, then feel free to bid with confidence. Also, It may take me some extra time to weld your personal core essence to this bindcast, so please be patient with the process. ___________________________________ FEEDBACK COMMENTS AND EMAILS: “Your Excellency EA, I want you to share this e-mail to others that before I bought your “Enochian Alchemist” I asked several others about how did it help with their life and what differences it made… they all Highly Recommended me to GET THE PIECE. There was NONE who told me not to get it and do you realize why he has a “Buy It Now” price of $89,000.00 or $99,000.00 because it really values that much. It’s nice of him to make these kinds of powerful casting available to everyone by bidding. Otherwise, I don’t think it will be possible for some of us to get it. Just follow what EA says, Respect the piece, give it time and see the miracles unfold. It’s not stated by me… it’s stated by other ebayers who used his item. My deepest thanks to you EA.“ THIS IS REAL... YOU ARE REAL!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!“ “Hi EA, Just a quick little note to say I recieved my amulet today. The energy from it is amazing I am wearing right now.I absolutely LOVE IT! You are very special in your workings thank you VERY much. I LOVE surprises so this is going to be GREAT. Have a super terrific evening and thanks again.“ “EA, You know I have been a follower for many years and I was amazed to see you on Ebay. I think it's nice of you to make your powerful castings available to everyone, and not just the more wealthy. I just got my ring in the post with no problems from customs. I LOVE it! I have worn it for three days now and I already see results even though you said not to expect any for at least a week. The power on this is amazing! When I put it on I felt an immediate tingle in my hand. Thank you so much. You are a rare person“ “I only take my amulet off to shower, then place it in the casket as instructed. I have to tell you before I won this special piece I could feel and see it around my neck. Cant find the exact words but it feels great. I just LOVE this amulet it and will wear it always. My deepest thanks to you.“ “Greetings EA, I just wanted to let you know that I've received the ring today and followed the instructions accordingly. That was shipped fast! This is far more than I expected and the casket is awesome too. I'm truly amazed by this...and INTRIGUED. I so much appreciate your time and support. Thank you again sincerely!“ “Hi EA Laura here, you and Jon have been emailing back and forth regarding my amulet that you have done the bind cast on. It arrived today, I firstly must say that the presentation is incredible. I am very pleased and impressed. I followed the directions to the absolute letter. Thank you. I just wanted to tell you about it. You had mentioned that there was a possibility of a warm sensation that might occur. Well, with me, about 2 minutes after I started the purge, it felt like my skin had bubbles rising to the top but the sensation was under the skin. Sort of like when you pour a soda and the bubble rinse to the top of the glass. That lasted about 12 minutes and then abruptly stopped. It was a very surreal sensation. As far as the amulet, I absolutely love it! It is  beautiful, and is undoubtedly NEVER coming off my neck. I just wanted to thank you again, and let you know what the experience was like. Soon we will be making the arrangement for something for Jon, he is really looking forward to it. Take care Laura“ “You keep blowing my mind I ask and I recieve where have you been all of my life.“ “Not just an artifact of power but an EXPERIENCE. Highly recommended, 5 STARS.“ “I wasn't sure what to expect or how to tell if anything had changed since I got the ring. I did feel an odd energy, but I thought that could just be me wanting to feel something; however, last week I had the highest sale that our company has had this year.“ “When I saw the symbols within inside of the metal which outside is covered by red coral/turquoise it really surprised me tonight and showed me your work is quite real. This is what has happend so far... -Father in law is giving me money without question? -I was offered an audition for a new t.v. show with NBC! I NEVER ASKED OR TRIED OUT FOR ANYTHING WITH TELEVISION! So this is very weird to see. -Very strange dreams/visions some nights I cannot sleep with the amulet on so I put it in the box/casket. -A need/desire to keep the amulet on me at all times without even thinking of it. Whats next??“ “EA, It just keeps coming! I had a company contact me for a contract for an entire country! They wouldn't even talk to me 9 months ago and then out of the blue, they call. I am obsessed with the amulet... my mind treasures it. THIS IS REAL... YOU ARE REAL!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!“ Click Here To See All My Feedback ____________________________ NOTE: I GUARANTEE OWNERSHIP OF THIS ITEM WILLCHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! HOWEVER, HOW IT CHANGESYOUR LIFE IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU.I AM TO BE HELD 100% HARMLESS TO ANY CONSEQUENCES(GOOD OR BAD) AND YOU BUY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. __________________________ I offer no further explanation. IF there is a worthy one, he or she will know what this is and acquire it. IF THIS ITEM CALLS OUT TO YOU AND YOU FEEL AN ATTRACTION TO IT, THIS IS A POWERFUL INDICATION THAT THIS BINDCAST HAS A SYMBIOTIC ATTRACTION TO YOU AND IT IS LETTING YOU KNOW THIS. IF THAT IS THE CASE, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU ACQUIRE THIS BINDCAST!!! IT IS COMMUNICATING TO YOU, AND THIS IS BOTH RARE AND IMPORTANT!!!! “Know all you here the true elemental spirits are being born into play. The resulting birth shall become your charge.“ balbaquis des tunmenture *Losely translated for the novice * Required Ebay disclaimer: This auction is provided for entertainment purposes and there are no guarantees buy this item because you want it! This item is offered as is. However, see my feedback for what my clients have experienced. Check out my other items! Be sure to add me to your favorites list! Terms of Sale Payment within 7 days of auction close. Shipping Ships via Priority Please allow me a few days to weld this bindcast. True bindcasts are difficult to cast! No shipping to APO/FPO addresses! On Aug-01-10 at 00:51:45 PDT, seller added the following information: Sellers: Get your own map today. Click here now. Simple.

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