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Funny – Human Medical/sexual Deformities Bizzare Oddities Cd114

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Powered by ANOMALIES and CURIOSITIES of MEDICINE (From 1901!) Being an encyclopedic collection of rare and extraordinary cases of the most striking instances of abnormality in all branches of medicine and surgery, derived from an exhaustive research of medical literature from its origin to the present day, abstracted, classified, annotated, and indexed. By George M. Gould and Walter L. Pyle MORE THAN 1,000 UNBELIEVABLE CASES! (Actual Book Scan Archived on CD, PDF file can easily be printed, if desired!) CAUTION: Contains graphic illustrations and photographs, which may be disturbing to some viwers! This incredibly interesting item includes the following chapters/cases: CHAPTER 1 GENETIC ANOMALIES - PAGES 17-49 Menstruation, 17-Vicarious and compensatory, 18-From the skin, 18-From the breasts, 19-From the eyes, 23-From the ears, 24-From the mouth, 24-From the extremities, 25-From old ulcers, wounds, or cicatrices, 25-From the rectum or urinary tract, 26-After removal of the uterus or ovaries, 26-Hematemesis as a means of, 27-Migratory, 27-Postmortem, 27-Black, 27-Suppression of, 27-In man, 27-Vicarious, in the male, 28-During pregnancy and lactation, 28-Child-bearing after cessation of, 29-Precocious, 29-Protracted, 32-Late establishment of, 33-Precocious impregnation, 34-Twins born to a child mother, 38-Pregnancy before the appearance of menstruation, 38-Fecundity in the old, 38-Multiple births in the aged, 40-Impregnation without completion of the copulative act, 40-Artificial impregnation, 42-Unconscious impregnation, 45-Conception with deficient organs, 45-Conception soon after a preceding pregnancy, 46-Superfetation, 46-Children of different colors, 48. CHAPTER 2 PRENATAL ANOMALIES - 50-112 Extrauterine pregnancy, 50-Termination of, 51-Abortion by the mouth, 52-Discharge of fetal bones by the rectum, 52-By the urinary passages, 53-Discharge of the fetus through the abdominal walls, 53-Combined intrauterine and extranterine gestation, 54-Triple ectopic gestation, 57-Delivery of a viable extrauterine fetus, 57-Ultimate fate of viable ectopic children, 62-Long retention of extrauterine pregnancy, 62-Long retention of uterine pregnancy, 63-Long continuation of fetal movements, 64-Duration of pregnancy, 65-Short pregnancies, 65-The incubator, 68-Prolonged pregnancies, 68-Unconscious pregnancy, 72-Pseudocyesis, 73-Sympathetic male nausea of pregnancy, 79-Perverted appetites of pregnant women, 80-Maternal impressions, 81-Paternal impressions, 85-Telegony, 86-Antenatal pathology, 89-Transmission of contagious diseases to the fetus in utero, 90-Small-pox, 90-Varicella, measles, pneumonia, and malaria, 91-Effects on the fetus in utero of medicine administered to the pregnant mother, 92-Intrauterine amputations, 94-Intrauterine fractures, 97-Multiple fetal fractures, 97-Results to the fetus of injuries to the pregnant mother, 98-Injuries about the genitalia, 98-Injuries from cattle-horns, 99-Major accidents in pregnant women, 100-Operations during pregnancy, 103-After-effects of abdominal hysteropaxy on subsequent pregnancies, 106-Coexistence of an extensive tumor of the uterus with pregnancy, 106-Protrusion of the membranes from the vulva several weeks before confinement, 107-Anomalies of the umbilical cord, 109-Anomalous causes of abortion, 109-Abortion of one twin, 110-Worms in the pregnant uterus, 111. CHAPTER 3 OBSTETRIC ANOMALIES - 113-143 General considerations, 113-Painless births, 113-Birth during intoxication, 114-During hypnotism, 114-During sleep, lethargies, trances, etc., 114-Rapid parturition without usual symptoms, 116-Unusual places of birth, 119-Birth by the rectum, 120-Through perineal perforation, 121-Through the abdominal wall, 122-Of the fetus enclosed in the membranes, 122-Dry births, 123-Postmortem delivery, 123-Antepartum crying of the fetus, 127-Cesarean section, 128-Repeated Cesarean section, 130-Cesarean section by the patient herself, 131-Abdominal section and delivery by cattle-horns, 133-Delivery by a cannonball, 134-Postmortem Cesarean section, 135-Rupture of the uterus during pregnancy, 137-Spontaneous rupture of the vagina, 138-Sloughing of the genitals after parturition, 138-Accidental extraction of the prolapsed pelvic organs, 139-Accidents incident to labor, 140-Symphysiotolny, 141-Delay in the birth of the second twin, 142. CHAPTER 4. PROLIFICITY - 144-160 General historic observations, 144-General law, and influence of war, 144-Influence of rural and urban life, 145-Effect of climate and race, 145-Ancient and modern prolificity, 146-Legal encouragement, 146-Old explanations of prolificity, 146-Greatest number of children at a single birth, 147-Proportion of multiple births, 147-Examples of multiple births, 148-Twins and triplets, 148-Quadruplets, 148-Quintuplets, 150-Sextuplets, 152-Multiple births over six, 152-Seven, 152-Eight, 153-Nine, 153-Eleven, 153-Twelve, 154-Thirteen, 154-Fifteen, 154-Repetition of multiple births, 154-Father of 87 children by two wives, 156-Extreme prolificity by single births, 157-Possibility of paternity, 157-Multimarriages, 159-Possible number of descendants, 159-Animal prolificity, 160. CHAPTER 5 MAJOR TERATA - 161-212 Monstrosities, 161-Ancient explanations, 161-Early teratology, 164- Double hermaphroditic terata, 165-Scientific teratology, 165-Artificial production of monsters, 166-Animal teratology, 166-Classification of monsters, 167-Triple monsters, 167-Double monsters, 167-Hindoo sisters, 168-Siamese twins, 168-Radica-Doddica, 171-Operations on conjoined twins, 172-Craniopagi, 173-Pygopagi, 174-Biddenden maids, 174-Helen and Judith, 177-Millie-Christine, 179-Rosa-Josepha Blazek, 179-Tynberg's case, 180-Ischiopagi, 181-Louis and Louise, 181-Marie-Louise and Hortense-Honorine, 182-Minna and Minnie Finley, 183-Jones twins, 183-Scottish brothers, 184-Ritta-Christina, 184-Tocci brothers, 186-Marie-Rosa Drouin, 186-Bicephalic monsters, 187-Edward Mordake, 188-Fantastic monsters, 189-Parasitic terata, 189-Lazarus-Joannes Baptista Colluredo, 191-Louise L___, 192-"Laloo," 192-"A-Ke," 193-Duplication of the lower body, 193-Blanche Dumas, 194-Mrs. B, 194-Diphallic terata, 194-Jean Baptista dos Santos, 196-Fetus in fetu, 199-Dermoid cysts, 202-Multiple dermoids, 205-Hermaphroditism, 206-Interesting instances of, 206-Catherine or Charles Hoffman, 207-Marie Madeline Lefort, 207-Spurious hermaphroditism, 211-Law of evolution in hermaphroditism, 211-Neuter hermaphrodites, 212-Marie Dorothee, 212-Legal aspect of hermaphroditism, 212. CHAPTER 6 PAGES MINOR TERATA - 213-323 Ancient ideas relative to minor terata, 213-Teratoseopy, 213-Congenital defect of the epidermis, 217-Elasticity of the skin, 217-"Elastic-Skin Man," 217-Dermatolysis, 217-Abnormal development of the scalp, 218-Impervious skin, 219-Albinism, 220-Partial albinism, 221-Melanism, 222-Human horns, 222-Anomalies of the hair, 226-Congenital alopecia, 226-Sexualism and hair growth, 228-Bearded women, 228-Hypertrichosis, 230-"Dug-face men," 231 -Naevus pilosus, 232-Hair and beard of great length, 234-Accidental growths of hair, 235-Anomalies of the color of the hair, 235-Sudden canities, 235-Temporary and partial canities, 238-Anomalous color-changes of the hair, 239-Chemic colorations of the hair, 240-Curious causes of alopecia, 241-Anomalies of the nails, 241-Anomalies of dentition, 242-Triple dentition, 243-Edentulousness, 243-Excessive dentition, 244-Supernumerary teeth, 244-Extraoral dentition, 244-Anomalies of the head, 245-Life without a cerebrum, 246-Defective development of the cerebellum, 246-Microcephaly, 247-Artificial microcephaly, 248-Macrocephaly, 248-Largest healthy brains on record, 249-Hydrocephaly, 250-Deficiency of the cranial bones, 250-Anomalies of the maxillary bones, 251-Congenital absence of the nose, 252-Large and small noses, 252-Congenital division of the nose, 252-Macrostoma, 253-Microstoma, 252-Congenital atresia of the mouth, 253-Anomalies of the lips, 254-Hare-lip, 254-Congenital absence of the tongue, 254-Bifid and supernumerary tongues, 255-Large and small tongues, 256-Anomalies of the palate and uvula, 256-Of the epiglottis, 256-Double epiglottis and double voice, 257-Anomalies of eyes, 257-Absence of the eyes, 257-Living cyclopia, 258-"Four-eyed man of Cricklade," 258-Anomalies of lids, 259-Of the iris, 259-Of the lens, 260-Heredity in the causation of congenital defects of the eye, 260-Anomalies of the ears, 261-Absence of the limbs, 263-Supernumerary limbs, 269-Anomalies of the feet, 270-Of the hand, 270-Absence of the digits, 271-Supernumerary digits, 273-Hypertrophy of the digits, 276-Talipes, 276-Anomalies of the vertebrae, 277-Human tails, 277-Vestigial remains, 279-Anomalies of the spinal canal and contents, 280-Supernumerary ribs, 281-Fissure of the sternum, 282-Other thoracic defects, 284-Branchial fissures, 284-Anomalies of the esophagus, 284-Anomalies of the lungs, 285-Of the diaphragm, 285-Of the stomach, 286-Of the intestines, 287-Dilatation of the colon, 287-"Balloon-man," 287-Imperforate anus, 288-Anomalies of the liver, 290-Of the spleen, 290-Transposition of the viscera, 291-Congenital extroversion or eventration, 292-Anomalies of kidney, 293-Of the ureters, 294-Of the bladder, 295-Exstrophy of the bladder, 295-Anomalies of the heart and vascular system, 296-Of the breast, 297-Amazia, 297-Micromazia, 298-Polymazia, 298-Anomalies of the hymen, 302-Of the female external genitals, 303-Absence of the vagina, 303-Duplex vagina, 304-Transverse septa of the vagina, 305-Anomalous openings of the vagina, 305-Anomalies of the labia, 306-Absence of the nymphae, 306-Enlarged nymphae, 306-Hottentot women, 307-Ceremonial enlargement of the nymphae, 307-Anomalies of the clitoris, 307-Circumcision of the clitoris in Egypt, 308-Absence of the ovaries, 309-Prolapse of the ovaries, 310-Supernumerary ovaries, 310-Anomalies of the Fallopian tubes, 311-Of the uterus, 311-Absence of the uterus, 311-Double uterus, 311-Pregnancy with double uterus, 311-Triple uterus, 313-Hernia of the uterus, 313-Absence of the penis, 314-Rudimentary development of the penis, 315-Penis palme, 316-Torsion of the penis, 316-Ossification of the penis, 316-Absence of the frenum and prepuce, 317-Anomalies of the urethra, 317-Duplication of the urethra, 317-Hypospadias and epispadias, 318-Artificial penis, 318-Anorchism, 319-Monorchism, 319-Polyorchism, 320-Cryptorchism, 321-Anomalous position of the testicles, 322-Inversion of the testicle, 323-Anomalies of the seminal vesicles, 323. CHAPTER 7 ANOMALIES OF STATURE, SIZE, DEVELOPMENT - 324-364 Giants, 324-Ancient giants, 324-Discoveries of giants bones, 325-General opinions, 326-Association of acromegaly with gigantism, 327-Celebrated giants, 328-Giants of history, 333-Dwarfs, 333-Pygmies, 333-Artificial production of dwarfs, 335-Ancient popularity of dwarfs, 336-Intellectual dwarfs, 337-Women predisposed to give birth to dwarfs, 337-Species of dwarfs, 338-Celebrated dwarfs, 338-Geoffrey Hudson, 338-Gibson, 338-Bebe, 339-Borwilaski, 339-Great age in dwarfs, 339-Robert Skinner, 340-"Tom Thumb," 342-Lucia Zarete, 343-Precocious development, 343-"Man-boys," 343-Small new-born infants, 347-Large new-born infants, 348-Congenital asymmetry and hemi-hypertrophy, 350-Obesity, 352-Fat children, 352-General remarks on obesity, 354-Treatment of obesity, 356-Remarkable instances of obesity, 356-Simulation of obesity, 360-"Adiposis dolorosa," 360-Abnormal leanness, 363-" Living skeletons," 364-Extreme muscular atrophy, 364. CHAPTER 8 LONGEVITY - 365-382 Scope of the article, 365-General opinions, 365-Testimony of statistics, 365-Natural term of life, 366-Censuses of centenarians, 366-Effect of class-influences, occupation, etc, 367-Longevity in ancient times, 368-Difference in chronology, 368-Alchemy and the "elixir of life," 363-Longevity in Jewish history, 369-In Egypt, 370-Among the ancient Chinese, 370-Among the Greeks, 370-Among the Romans, 370-Among hermits and ecclesiastics, 370-Among the Brahmin priests of India, 371-Influence of mental culture, 371-Compatibility of mental and physical activity with longevity, 371-Longevity among the Royalty, 372-Influence of personal habits, 372-Remarkable instances of longevity, 373-Henry Jenkins, 373-Thomas Parr, 373-Jean Korin, 373-Setrasch Czarten, 373-Sundry instances of great age, 374-Generative ability in old age, 376-Influence of stimulants, 377-Rejuvenescence of the senses in age, 378-Heredity in longevity, 379-Longevity among physicians, 381-Recent instances of longevity, 382. CHAPTER IX. PHYSIOLOGIC AND FUNCTIONAL ANOMALIES - 383-526 Anomalies of the secretions, 383-Colored saliva, 383-Abnormalities of urination, 383-Metastasis of tears, 384-Anomalies of the semen, 384-Blue bile, 385-Chromidrosis, 385-Hyperidrosis, 386-Unilateral and localized sweating, 387-Bloody sweat or "stigmata," 388-Louise Lateau, 389-Postmortem sweating, 391-Anomalies of lactation, 391-Milk-metastasis, 391-Lactation in the new-born, 392-In children, 392-In the aged, 393-Prolonged lactation and galactorrhea, 394-Gynecomazia, 394-Men suckling infants, 397-Human odors, 397-Individual odors, 398-Modifying causes, 398-Odors of races, 399-Odor of the breath after coitus, 399-Influence of the emotions, 399-Odors associated with mental and nervous diseases, 401-The odor of insanity, 400-Odors of some diseases, 401-Odor of the hair, 401-Sexual influence of odors, 401-Fetichism, 401-Sexual influence of the olfactory sense in animals, 402-Bulimia, 403-Polydipsia, 404-Polydipsia among glass-blowers, 405-Hydroadipsia, 405-Perverted appetites, 405-Anthropophagy, 406-Cannibals, 407-Ancient customs, 409-Depraved appetite for human flesh in civilization, 409-Further examples of depraved appetites, 411-Pica, 412-Chalk-eating, 412-Arsenic eating, 413-Fasting, 413-Older instances, 414-"Fasting girls," 418-Modern instances of fasting, 419-Fasting exhibitionists, 420-Anomalies of temperature, 421-Hyperthermy reaching 148 degrees F., 423-Endurance of external heat, 424-"Human Salamanders," 424-Fire-worship, 425-Spontaneous combustion of the human body, 426-Magnetic, phosphorescent, and electric anomalies, 429-Effects of cold, 431-Effects of working in compressed air, 433-Remarkable development of the remaining senses when one or more are lost, 432-Examples of compensatory sense-development, 433-Laura Dewey Bridgman, 433-Helen Keller, 435-Edith Thomas, 437-Remarkable blind savants, 439-Feats of memory, 439-Boy calculators, etc., 439-Jacques Inaudi, 439-Oscar Moore, 439--Wolf children, 444-Artificial manufacture of "wild boys," 448-Equilibrists, 449-Rope-walkers, 449-Blondin, 450-Human pyramids, 450-Jugglers, 451-Marksmen, 452-Ventriloquists, 453-Athletic feats, 455-Public contests of Greece, 455-Runners, 455-Couriers, 456-Iudian runners, 457-Jinrickishamen, 457-Lettor-carriers of India, 458-"Go-as-you-please" pedestrians, 458 -Modern records for running, 459-Long-distance traversing, 459-Riders, 460-Influence of the spleen in running, 461-Swimming, 461-Jumpers and acrobatic tumblers, 462-Extraordinary physical development and strength, 463-Modrn Hercules, 464-Strong women, 468-Strength of the jaws, 468-Strength in the hands, 470-Fraudulent "strong men," 470-Officially recorded feats of strength, 473-Contortionists, 473-Dislocationists, 473-Endurance of pain, 475-Aissaoui, 476-Malingerers, 478-Hypersensitiveness to pain, 480-Relation of pain to shock, 480-Morbid desire for pain, 480-Pain as a means of sexual enjoyment, 480-Masochism, 480-Flagellation, 480-Fatal flogging, 481-Idiosyncrasies, 481-Idiosyncrasies in relation to the sense of smell, 482-Of the sense of hearing, 484-To music, 485-Therapeutic value of music, 485-Idiosyncrasies as to vision, 487-Of the sense of touch, 488-Idiosyncrasies to foods, 489-Eggs, 490-Parsley, 491-Rice, 491-Figs, 491-Wheat-flour, 492-Food superstitions, 493-"Totemism," 494 -Idiosyncrasies to drugs, 496-Acids, 497-Antimony, 499-Arsenic, 500-Belladonna, 500-Digitalis, 502-Ergot, 502-Epsom salts, 503-Iodin, 503-Iodoform, 503-Lead-poisoning, 503-Mercury, 504-Croton oil, 504-Castor oil, 504-Opium and its derivatives, 505-Chronic opium-eating, 506-Phosphorous, 508-Pilocarpin, 508-Quinin, 509-Strychnin, 510-Idiosyncrasies in coitus, 511-Death in coitus, 513-Suspended animation, 513-Prolonged submersion, 513-Divers, 514-Suspension of the cardiac movements at will, 516-Hibernation, 517-Human hibernation, 517-Fakirs of India, 517-Recovery after asphyxia from hanging anti strangling, 519-Premature burial, 519-Postmortem anomalies, 522-Movements of a corpse, 522-Postmortem priapism, 523-Retardation of putrefaction, 523-Postmortem growth of hair and nails, 523-Untoward effects of the emotions on the vital functions, 523-Death from joy and laughter, 524-Death from grief and sorrow, 524-Death from fear, 525-Death from shock alone following blows that cause no visible injury, 525-Death from the "wind of the cannon-ball," 526. CHAPTER 10 SURGICAL ANOMALIES OF THE HEAD AND NECK - 527-587 Injuries to the eye, 527-Exophthalmos, 527-Avulsion of the eye, 527-Rupture of the eyeball, 528-Serious sequels of orbital injuries, 528-Gunshot injuries of the orbit, 529-Foreign bodies in the orbit, 531-Foreign bodies in the eyeball, 532-Dislocation of the lens, 533-Injury to the eyeball by birds, 533-Rare accident to the eye, 533-Epistaxis through the eyes, 534-Late restoration of sight, 535-Sight spontaneously restored, 536-Nyctalopia, 536-Hemeralopia, 537-Snow-blindness, 537-Retinal injury from exposure to intense light, 537-Electric-light injuries of the eye, 537-Injuries to the ear, 537-Boxing the ears, 537-Rupture of the tympanum, 537-Perforation of the tympanum, 538-Objective tinnitis aurium, 538-Insects in the ear, 539-Other foreign bodies in the ear, 539-Scalp injuries, 542-Cerebral injuries, 545-Penetration and transfixion of the brain, 545-Gunshot injuries of the brain, 549-Study of gunshot injuries of the brain, 551-Head injuries with loss of cerebral substance, 551-"American Crow-bar Case," 551-Loss of brain-substance from cerebral tumor, 557-Extensive fractures of the cranium, 558-Diving into shallow water, 559-Fracture of the internal table of the cranium, 559-Fracture of the cranial base, 559-Foreign bodies in the brain, 559-Injuries of the nose, 561-Nose-making, 561-Deformities of the nose, 563-Insects in the nose, 563-Foreign bodies in the nose, 564-Tongue-swallowing, 565-Tongue-sucking, 565-Injuries to the tongue, 565-Regeneration of a severed tongue, 565-Articulation without a tongue, 566-Hypertrophy of the tongue, 566-Macroglossia, 567-Living fish in the pharynx, 567-Leech in the pharynx, 569-Foreign bodies in the pharynx and esophagus, 570-Migration of foreign bodies from the esophagus, 571-Abscess or ulceration into neighboring blood-vessels, consequent upon lodgment of foreign bodies in the esophagus, 571-Esophagotomy, 574-Injuries of the neck, 574-Ligature of the common carotid artery, 575-Nonfatal perforating wounds of the trachea and esophagus, 575-Self-decapitation, 576-Cases of nonfatal cut-throat, 577-Injuries of the cervical vertebrae, 578-Foreign bodies in the larynx and trachea, 580-Impaction of artificial teeth in the larynx, 582-Excision of the larynx, 584-Injuries destroying great portions of the face or jaw, but not causing death, 585-A curious accident, 587. CHAPTER 11 SURGICAL ANOMALIES OF THE EXTREMITIES - 588-605 Reunion of severed digits, 588-Reproduction and accidental production of nails, 588-Avulsion of a finger with the entire tendon, 589-Avulsion of the arm, 590-Avulsion of the leg, 592-Injuries to the sciatic nerve, 592-Recovery of an injured member after extensive severance and loss of substance, 593-Rupture of the quadriceps tendon, 594-Spontaneous fractures, 594-Evolution of the treatment of dislocations, 594-Anomalous dislocations, 594-Congenital dislocations, 595-Major amputations, 596-Multiple amputations, 596-Spontaneous amputation, 597-Artificial limbs, 598-Dismembered athletes, 598-Foreign bodies in the extremities, 599-Osteomalacia, 600-Rachitis, 601, 602-Osteitis deformans, 603-Deformities of the articulations, 603-Camel-boy," 603-Deformities from infantile spinal paralysis, 604-Anomalous growth of bones of the extremities, 605. CHAPTER 12 SURGICAL ANOMALIES OF THE THORAX AND ABDOMEN - 606-666 Injuries of the lung and bronchus, 606-Loss of lung-tissue, 607-Surgery of the lung, 608-Excision of diseased portions of the lung, 608-Rupture of the lung without fracture of the rib, 608-Spontaneous rupture of the lung, 609-Penetration and transfixion of the thoracic cavity, 610-Recovery after major thoracic wounds, 611-Wounds of the diaphragm, 612-Diaphragmatic hernia, 612-Peritonitis in the thoracic cavity, 613-Foreign bodies in the thoracic cavity, 613-Foreign bodies in the bronchi, 614-Cardiac injuries, 616-Instances of survival after cardiac injuries, 617-Nonfatal cardiac injuries, 620-Foreign bodies in the heart, 624-Injuries to the pericardium, 624-Rupture of the heart, 625-Displacement of the heart, 626-Hypertrophy of the heart, 626-Wounds of the aorta, 626-Sundry cases of vascular injuries, 627-Rupture of the esophagus, 628-Rupture of the stomach, 629-Voluntary vomiting, 630-Wounds of the stomach, 630-Alexis St. Martin, 630-Gastric fistulae, 631-Gastrotomy performed on knife swallowers, 633-Sword-swallowing, 633-Swallowing knives, pebbles, glass, etc., 635-Living animals in the alimentary canal, 636-Other foreign bodies in the alimentary canal, 637-Hair-swallowing, 641-Foreign bodies in the intestines, 641-Foreign bodies in the vermiform appendix, 642-Intestinal injuries, 642-Successful intestinal resection, 643-Sloughing of the intestines following intussusception, 643-Rupture of the intestines, 644-Operations upon the gastro-intestinal tract, 644-Gastrostomy, 644-Pyloroplasty, 644-Pylorectomy, 644-Gastrectomy, 644-Enterostorny, 645-Colostomy, 645-Intestinal anastomosis, 645-Foreign bodies in the rectum, 645- Transfixion of the abdomen, 648-Evisceration, 650-Nonfatal perforating gunshot wounds of the abdomen, 651-Ballets voided from the bowel and bladder, 651-Wounds of the liver, 652-Surgery of the liver, 652-Resection of the liver, 654-Floating liver, 655-Hypertrophy of the liver, 655-Rupture of the gallbladder, 655-Cholecystotomy and cholecystectomy, 655-Rupture of the spleen, 656-Wounds of the spleen, 656-Splenectomy, 656-Hypertrophy of the spleen, 657-Injuries of the thoracic duct, 657-Ligation of the abdominal aorta, 658-Ligation of the common iliac artery, 658-Foreign bodies loose in the abdominal cavity, 658-Foreign bodies in the skin and muscles of the back, 659-Fracture of the lower spine, 659-Laminectomy, 660-Injuries to the spinal cord, 661-Hernia, 662-Spontaneous rupture of the abdominal walls, 666. CHAPTER 13 SURGICAL ANOMALIES OF THE GENITOURINARY SYSTEM - 667-696 Wounds of the kidney, 667-Operations on the kidney, 668-Rupture of the ureter, 668-Operations on the ureter, 669-Stricture of the ureter, 669-Rupture of the bladder, 670-Gunshot wounds of the bladder, 671-Penetration of the bladder through the anus, vagina, or buttocks, 671-Arrow-wound of the bladder through the buttocks, 672-Wounds of the bladder followed by calculi, 673-Fistulae of the bladder, 675-Worms in the bladder, 676-Foreign bodies in the bladder, 676-Hair in the bladder, 673-Foreign bodies in the pelvis, 678-Rupture of the urethra, 679-Fracture of the penis, 679-Urethral stricture, 680-Sundry injuries to the penis, 680-Amputation of the penis, 680-Gunshot wounds of the penis, 681-Lugation of the penis, 681-Spontaneous retraction of the penis, 681-Spontaneous gangrene of the penis, 682-Prolonged priapism, 683-Theories of priapism, 684-Injuries of the testicles and scrotum, 685-Avulsion of the male external genitalia, 686-Preservation of sexual power after injuries of the genitals, 687-Atrophy of the testicles, 687-Retraction of the testicles, 688-Ectopia of the testicles, 688-Rupture of the spermatic vessels, 689-Hydrocele, 689-Separation of an ovary, 689-Injuries of the vagina, 689-Rupture of the clitoris, 691-Discharge of the vaginal parietes, 691-Injuries during coitus, 691-Foreign bodies in the vagina, 692-Long retention of pessaries, etc., 693-Leech in the vagina, 694-Foreign bodies in the uterus, 695. CHAPTER 14 MISCELLANEOUS SURGICAL ANOMALIES - 697-758 Marvelous recoveries from multiple injuries, 697-Recoveries after injuries by machinery, with multiple fractures, etc., 699-Miscellaneous multiple fractures, 701-Recoveries from high falls, 703-High dives, 704-Resistance of children to injuries, 705-Instances of infant vitality, 706-Operations on the extreme young and old, 706-Repeated operations, 707-Billroth's marvelous operation, 708-Self-performed surgical operations, 708-Instances of extensive loss of blood, with recovery, 709-Extensive venesection, 709-Spontaneous hemorrhages, 709-Arrow-wounds, 710-Arrow-poison, 711-Multiple arrow wounds, 711-Serious insect-stings, 713-Syphilis from a flea-bite, 714-Snakebites, 715-Hydrophobia, 719-Shark-bites, 721-Leprosy from a fish-bite, 721-Alligator bites, 722-Animal-bites, 722-Injuries from lightning-stroke, 722-Recovery from lightning-stroke, 723-Therapeutic effect of lightning-stroke, 726-Grafting, 728-Tooth-replantation, 728-Muscle-transplantation, 729-Tendon transplantation, 729-Nerve-grafting, 729-Bone-grafting,729-Skin-grafting,729-Self-mutilations, 731-Self-castration, 732-Miscellaneous mutilations, 735-"Needle-girls," etc.,735-Wanderings of pins and needles in the body, 736-Prick of a. pin causing death, 737-Manufacture of crippled beggars, 737-Chinese foot-binding, 737-Professional leg-breaker, 741-Anomalous suicides, 792-Religions and ceremonial mutilations, 743-Self-bleeding, 745-Exhibition of scars, 745-Cosmetic mutilations, 746-Manufacture of dimples, 746-Amputation of the fingers, 746-Knocking out the front teeth, 747-Depilatory customs, 747-Boring the ear, 749-Tattooing, 749-Infection from tattooing, 751-Infibnlation, 752-Chastity-girdles, 753-Infibnlation to prevent masturbation, 754-Slitting the urethra, 754 -Mutilations of the genital organs to prevent conception, 754-Circumcision, 754-Ceremonial ovariotomy, 755-Castration, 755-Eunuch makers, 756-Castration because of excessive cupidity, 756-Castration as a religious rite, 756-The Skoptzies, 757. CHAPTER 15 ANOMALOUS TYPES AND INSTANCES OF DISEASE - 759-822 Tumors, 759-Adenoma of the breast, 759-Diffuse hypertrophy of the breast, 759-Goiter, 761-Extirpation of the thyroid gland, 762-Fibromata, 762-Multiple fibromata of the skin, 762-Keloids, 764-Lipomata, 764-Chondroalata, 766-Benign bone-tumors, 768-Exostoses, 768-Gros-nez, 769-Neuromata, 770-Carcinomata, 772-Sarcomata, 772-Osteosarcoma, 772-Varicose veins, 778 -Aneurysmal varix, 778-Aneurysm, 779-Large uterine tumors, 780-Ovarian cysts, 782-Enormous dropsies, 786-Ankylosis of the articulations, 787-"Ossified man, 787-Petrefaction, 788-Calculi, 788-Large vesical calculi, 788-Vesical calculi in very young children, 790-Multiple vesieal calculi, 790-Renal calculi, 790-Other extra, vesical calculi, 791-Retention and suppression of urine, 792-Persistent constipation, 794-Elephantiasis arabum, 795-Elephantiasis of the lower extremities, 795-Elephantiasis of the upper extremities, 798-Elephantiasis of the face and scalp, 798-Elephantiasis of the breast, 800-Elephantiasis of the scrotum, 800-Statistics of operations on elephantoid scroti, 803-Acromegaly, 803-Chiromegaly, 805-Megalocephaly, 805-Cretinism, 805-Sporadic cretinism, 806-Myxedema, 807-Cagots, 808-Persistent hiccough, 811- Anomalous sneezing, 813-" Ear sneezing," 815 - Hemophilia, 815-Hemophilic purpura of the retina, 816-Hemorrhagic diseases of the new-born, 816-Syphilis haemorrhagica neonatorum, 816-Winckel's disease, 816-Barlow's disease, 817-Tetanus neonatorum, 817-Human parasites, 818-Tapeworms, 818-Ascarides, 819-Trichinosis, 820-Ecchinococcus, 820-Filaria sanguinis hominis, 820-" Eaten of worms," 821- Bot-fly, 821-Peenash, 822. CHAPTER 16 ANOMALOUS SKIN-DISEASES - 823-851 Icthyosis, 823-" Porcupine-man," 823-"Biped Armadillo," 823-"Alligator boy," 824-Harlequin fetus, 825-Contagious follicular keratosis, 825-Keratodermia, 825-" Hide-bound disease," 826-Morphea, 826-Scleroderma neonatorum, 826-" Elephant-man," 827-Ainhum, 828-Sclerodactylia annularis ainhumoides, 832-Skin shedding, 832-"Snake-boy," 835-Dermatitis exfoliativa neonatorum, 835-Epidemic exfoliative dermatitis, 835-Sphaceloderma, 836-Raynaud's disease, 836-Spontaneous gangrene of the skin, 837-Neurosis of the skin, 837-Neuroma cutis dolorosum, 839-Yaws, 839-Furunculosis orientalis, 840-Pigmentary anomalies, 841-Chloasma uterinum, 841-Acanthosis nigricans, 811-Xeroderma pigmentosum, 842-Nigrities, 842-Anomalous discolorations of the skin, 843-Metallic discolorations of the skin, 845-Melasma, 845-Leukoderma, 845-"Leopard-boy," 845-Canities unguium, 847-Plica polonica, 848-Tinea nodosa, 849-"Hair-eaters," 849-Mycosis fungoides, 850-Universal dermatitis, 851. CHAPTER 17 ANOMALOUS NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASES - 852-890 Anomalous types of epilepsy, 853 -The dancing mania, 853-"Tarantism," 854- Palmus, 855-Athetosis, 857-Paramyclonus multiplex, 859-Saltatoric spasm, 859-progressive muscular atrophy, 859-Facial hemiatrophy, 859-Lingual hemiatrophy, 860-Astasia-abasia, 860-Menieres disease, 861-Merycism, 862-Wakefulness, 863-Somnambulism, 863-Pathognomonic dreams, 867-Catalepsy, trance, and lethargy, 867-Hypnotism, 870-African sleep sickness, 872-Aphasia, 872-Aphasia after snake-bites, 874-Anosmia, 874-Hyperosmia, 875-Parosmia, 875-Perversion of the tactile sense, 875-Nostalgia, 876-Hypochondria, 876-Fear-psychoses, 877-Aichmophobia, 877-Agoraphobia, 877-Acrophobia, 877-Thaalassophobia, 877-Claustrophobia, 878-Astrophobia, 878-Mysophobia, 878-Hematophobia, 878-Anthropophobia and monophobia, 879-Bacillophobia, 879-Kleptomania and kleptophobia, 879-Folie de doute, 879-Other rare fear-psychoses, 880-Demonomania, 880-Particular aversions, 880-Circular insanity, 881-Katatonia, 882-A modern Pygmalion, 882-Double consciousness, 883-Morbid sympathy of twins as illustrated in the "Corsican brothers, 887-Automatism, 887-Presentiment of approaching death, 889. CHAPTER 18 HISTORIC EPIDEMICS - 891-914 Preliminary remarks on the great plagues, 891-The black death, 892-Mortality of, 893-Moral effect of, 894-The great plague of London, 895-Modern bubonic plague in China, 896-Sweating sickness, 896-Mortality of, 897-Chronologic table of the principal plagues, 898-Small-pox, 903-Inoculation, 905-Lady Moutagu, 905-Vaccination, 906-Edward Jenner, 906-Asiatic cholera, 908-Typhus fever, 910-Yellow fever, 910-Leprosy, 911-Syphilis, 912-Tuberculosis, 913-Modern mortality from infectious diseases, 913. Amazing CD! Can't go wrong here! This book is in .pdf format, if you don't already have a pdf reader you can easily access the contents using Adobe Reader, a free program that can be downloaded from This CD is very well layed out, easy to follow and can be printed if desired. Great care is taken to protect your CD during shipment; item will be shipped inside a sleeve, a mailer and will clearly be marked do not bend. THANK YOU! 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